Thursday, March 01, 2007

CTLP Bloggers at Key Issues Forum

(Article by Genghis Conn, reposted from Connecticut Local Politics. Great job, folks!)

CGG and I headed to Hartford today for the Courant’s Key Issues forum about blogging. Also attending were Colin McEnroe, Matt Stoller of MyDD and Tim Tagaris of the Lamont campaign.

Panelists from left: myself (with tie!), Colin McEnroe, CGG, Matt Stoller and Tim Tagaris

It was a lively discussion. Matt Stoller, Colin and I argued about civility and polarization in politics, both CGG and I spoke about the impact that Connecticut’s blogs have had on races in state, and I took time to plug TownBlogs.

CTBlogger has audio of the forum. How did he do this without actually being there? It is a mystery.

Christine Stuart of CT News Junkie was there, and filed this report. Good stuff! You can also see some video tonight if you go to Fox 61’s website.

Matt Stoller argues a position

I had a blast at this event. It was great to get a chance to talk about blogging with such a distinguished group of panelists, and to interact with the audience at the forum. Oh, and if anyone is wondering, the Lieberman people did in fact submit a question about ethics in blogging. My awesome wife found that one out.

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