Saturday, March 03, 2007

Why does Harry Reid hate the Democratic Party?

What in God's name did we do to piss him off so badly?

We MUST have done SOMETHING bad...and he should at least give us a chance to apologize before he does something nutty.

Like, having former Democrat, former Connecticut-For-Lieberman-candidate, self-proclaimed Independent senator Joe fricken Lieberman give the weekly Democratic radio address, to discuss the scandal at Walter Reed.

This is the very same Joe Lieberman who appeared on Imus the other day and clearly didn't know squat about the situation. Suddenly, he's the very best guy the Democrats could find to make this speech.

What, is everybody suddenly taking crazy pills?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is obviously suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, which is the psychological condition that occurs when a hostage begins to identify with his captor.

Joe Lieberman apparently has been holding Harry Reid (and by definition, the Senate Democrats) hostage ever since he weaseled his way back into the Senate, and Reid is clearly exhibiting all the signs of a Stockholm victim. Reid has obviously been so severely damaged psychologically that he actually believes that Lieberman's threat to leave the party over Iraq will be a disaster for the Democrats.

We need to do something before it's too late.

I think we should stage an intervention for Senator Reid, get him in a room surrounded by loyal Democrats, and have them list all the reasons why he should STOP cow-towing to Senator Lieberman.

And we won't let him out until he comes back to his senses.

Otherwise, we're all going to start thinking that the Senate really IS just a great big incumbant-protection racket, and that the only way we'll be able to get better government will be to primary out ALL the senators who fail to listen to their constituents.

Then maybe we'll finally get elected officials who truly represent us.


Anonymous said...

The phrase "bitch slap politics" seems apt: when someone threatens to become a Republican to anyone that'll give him press for a week, you do not give him your radio time.

fuzzyturtle said...

dude has no balls. Why didn't anyone stop him????

this is so not good.

Sellitman (Kevin) said...

I hope we can finally emasculate Joe in 2008. He needs to be put into the dust bin of politics ASAP.

PamB said...

Harry Reid has let Lieberman grab him by the short hairs, and is letting him jerk him around. Joe gets whatever Joe wants. Harry has Zero testicles. Old "give em hell, Harry" is a joke!
Would you EVER see the Republican party play games with one of their own, who kicks the party in the ass, then blackmails them with his vote? NEVER!

Sue123 said...

Well, I have some surprising news. In my CEA (Conn. Ed. Association) Advisor today, I discover that James Amman and Denise Nappier announced a $2 billion bonding package that would guarantee full actuarial funding for the State Teacher's Retirement System and eliminate the $6.9 billion unfunded liability over 25 years.

But being 51 and a teacher, I'm not sure that that 25 year thing is do-able.

vagabondblogger said...

I thought we were in for a change too, but I'm not happy with Harry or Nancy. I've just been totally disappointed in the Democrats lately and hope they get their balls back. And since I'm leaving the country later this week, I'll be keeping tabs on local (CT) politics through this site. Thanks Bob. I've been reading you since Lamont declared his candidacy and you've provided constant lively, and many times humerous commentaries.

CT Bob said...

Thanks, Vagabondblogger - Yeah, I'm probably going to do a Nancy post sometime soon; she's also beginning to piss me off.

Sue - How does a $2 billion package erase a $6.9 billion liability? Maybe I'm a little fuzzy on the math, but it don't seem to add up!

Anonymous said...

Bob-invested conservatively, sums like that will double every 7-8 years. I'm assuming that they'll be spending some of the dividends, and inflation will increase the 6.9 somewhat over that time, but taking out a bond like that is an entirely appropriate way to address a long-term shortfall like this.

Anonymous said...

Bob..can't agree with you more...I have already been sending good old
Harry emails about his lousy behavior. I think it is time for all the blogs to start a letter/email writing campaign to Mr. Giv m' HELL
and tell him to start doing what he is preaching! Maybe we can also do something about the LIEMan...he is disgusting and I can't believe he is pushing so much...other that being on Bushie's good dooby list.

This guy is not a DEMOCRAT and he should have been stripped of the tag back in November. You cannot be a Dem/Ind at the same time. If
the Connecticut people are fed up with him and the lies, they should start writing also...will any of the newspapers go against him?? Must be some Dem papers in the nutmeg state.

Will be watching for the Ned Interview it is great. Just hang in there and put
the anger against Joe 100%. I am off to write to good old Harry and give him a little more of my Irish Temper!!


Anonymous said...

Bob, I've been saying the same thing for a while. Ole Harry has been waffling a lot, and I had tried to hope he would settle on the correct side, but the flopping continues. This debacle Sat. goes WAY beyond unacceptable to pitiful. IMO LIEman must have some good blackmail material on Harry, just like the shrubbies obviously must have on all repuglicans and a non-trivial number of the dems.

Anyway, I'm more than ready to join in a public bitch slap of this type of crap. Please do post details here on how you decide to organize this [or point to whomever is doing so].

Thanks for everything; keep up the great work!