Thursday, March 22, 2007

CNN reports on the Youtube video

Here's the video of the most important part of the report on the "1984/Vote Different" ad controversy...

...the part where they mention my name TWICE!

It's kind of neat to be watching CNN with your wife sitting next to you and they mention your name.

Unless it's in a story about a manhunt for you as a suspect in an horrific crime or something.

Then it would kind of suck.

CNN on CTBob
Uploaded by CTBob

Gee, they make a big deal about the fact that I picked up a lousy 1,000 hits, and the other one got like 2 million. Oh, well.

Being the master of irony that I am, notice how my video about a Youtube story is posted on Daily Motion!

Yeah...I'm a rebel.


Anonymous said...


I cannot stop laughing. Having them say, "Connecticut Bob" on CNN, lol.

Anyway, great work. I bet post CNN your original video gets more than 1000 hits.

Anonymous said...

OMG I almost died when I saw this post. I have been wondering and reading when this connection would be made. Bravo. I love it. ;))ml

Melissa said...

To quote CTBlogger: PPM Baby!

Anonymous said...

oh a ps. I made a point to let the "connected" know Philip was not the mastermind of this. The MSM is learning they can become a true dinosaur to PPM. :) ml

ctblogger said...

PP...oh, CGG beat me to the punch.

SecretAgentDude said...

Oh ya.. and daily motion is sucking on my machine (but then again, it could just be my machine), anyways, I was at the gym down here in Texas (moving a good 2,000 miles away from Bob, when I saw the story... good job Bob! (Now, let's all make the rounds on the newspaper and tv station "blogs"... and let the world know!)

Connecticut Man1 said...

Kudos to you Bob.

Your reaction in this post is even funnier than some of your video sounds. :)

BJ said...

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