Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How George W. Bush might save his legacy

He can do it by simply signing the bill into law!

The Republican bid to remove the withdrawal deadline from the bill failed today. This is a clear message that the Senate wants to see our troops get home safely. The clause requiring our involvement in the Iraqi Civil War to end is staying in.

Sadly, the President has said publicly that he's going to veto it. This will almost guarantee him a spot in the "Hall of Worst Presidents Evar"!

But there IS one way he can surprise us and maybe rehabilitate his image somewhat...

When the bill appears on your desk Mr. Bush, you can simply pick up one of your pens and sign the fucking thing into law!

Then there's at least a decent chance you won't be remembered as the worst president this nation has ever had.

And if you do that, Mr. President, boy oh boy! You'll be able to knock over the entire lefty blogosphere with a goddamened feather!

Of course, I'm not holding my breath or anything.

Oh, and Senator Lieberman acted true to form today. There isn't a single shred of decency left in that sad and pathetic little man.

"No, no, no!"


Connecticut Man1 said...

To tell you the truth, it would not surprise me if he signs it AND then says, while he signs it, the failure of the Iraq war is all the Democratic party's fault.

Not that this will stick.

CT Bob said...

If he signs it, he can call us anything he wants. Nobody will believe him anyway.

Anonymous said...

When does this bill call for the withdrawal???

CT Bob said...

By Sept. '08, I believe.

VizierVic said...

Dubya will be tired of hearing the phone ringing with somebody telling him to just sign the goddamned bill by the time it lands on his desk in mid-April. The Pentagon brass really don't care about the political fight Dubya is choosing to raise with the Democrats. They just want to be able to proceed with the mission assigned to them. Any bill which provides the money they need is fine with them. Dubya can fight his own battles by himself. With two weeks to go, the neocons and MSM are trying to make it appear that the Democrats are exclusively to blame. This is a negotiation and Dubya will have the final responsibility for vetoing this bipartisan legislation. We just need to keep hammering that fact - bipartisan - home constantly. We especially need to smack Holy Joe in the face with it every time he pops up to whine about his war.