Monday, March 19, 2007

Rally to mark the 4th anniversary of Iraq war

About 30 people stood in the freezing sleet and snow tonight on the Milford Green to mark the beginning of our nation's fifth year of the occupation of Iraq. Here's a short video to mark the event.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,

I drove by this evening having stood out on the same green weeks before the invasion into Iraq. I was very disappointed in the turn out in this town of over 50k people. As many have said and it continues to be. The American public goes on with their daily life day by day. How much time do they take educated themselves to what is going on in Iraq before they voice an opinion? Then they voice an opinion and don't back it up with a simple act. Standing out in the cold for an hour while people are dieing.

Anonymous said...

But *these* people came out. And *these* people represent the ones who know and care. So *these* people do the homeside job that the troops have to do over there.

Anonymous said...

We are with you in spirit here in Ohio

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