Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Taking a stand on Plan B

Today, the state legislature's Human Services Committee Tuesday heard testimony on a bill that would require ALL hospitals to provide emergency contraception. Last year, a similar measure died in the final days of the legislative session amid strong opposition from the Catholic Church.

Church opponents to Plan B say use of the pill amounts to abortion. This is complete bullshit, in spite of what Catholic lobbyists insist. They are against birth control in ANY form by anyone, apparently, not just Catholics.

From today's Hartford Courant:
It seemed that Tuesday at the state Capitol would offer yet more back and forth on whether hospitals should be required to offer emergency birth control pills to rape victims.

Then state Rep. Deborah W. Heinrich, D-Madison, stepped to the microphone. She stunned a crowd of state officials, reporters and rape-victim advocates at a press conference when she announced that 20 years ago, she had been raped.

In a voice sometimes shaking but often strong, she recounted the details of a horrible night when she was a freshman at an out-of-state college and somebody she knew tore out clumps of her hair in his pursuit of her.

After the numbness, she said, "The most terrifying thought was, 'My God, what if I'm pregnant.'"
It makes you wonder how many women who have had similar experiences are understandably frightened about making such a public statement. Rep. Heinrich showed amazing strength and courage today, and she deserves our thanks for speaking out in support of complete availability of Plan B.

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