Friday, March 30, 2007

AG Gonzales is a definite goner

Because you KNOW that Senator Joe Lieberman wouldn't dare criticize one of Bush's cronies unless the Boss let it be known that Alberto is fair game.

Take my word for it...Gonzo will be gone-zo by this time next week!

From the Hartford Courant:
HARTFORD -- U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman had some tough words today for embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, who is involved in an uproar over the firing of eight U.S. attorneys.

Lieberman, I-Conn., said Gonzales' case was hurt by testimony from his former chief of staff, who on Thursday contradicted Gonzales' earlier accounts of not being involved in the decision-making about which prosecutors should be fired.

"This is the chief law enforcement officer of the United States," Lieberman said during a taping WFSB-TV's "Face the State," which will air Sunday. "I think it's time for Attorney General Gonzales to really look into his own heart and soul, as tough as it is, and ask whether he should continue in this job."
Bush has obviously abandoned his Attorney General now that he's become a liability, and he figures he'll toss Lieberman some fresh meat in the process.

As if that'll help Joe's image.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the AG is still at large because W has a problem with dumping him. If Bushie makes Gonzo go, he has to get a new AG and there may be no candidates left in the repugs' dark places that could pass even a minimal Senate smell test. He might need to nominate someone with ethics, the mere touch of which could cause the whole admin to dissolve into a fizzy puddle. As Pelosi has said, there's a new congress in town.

CT Bob said...

Hmmm...could it be that Joe is angling for the AG spot? After all, Lieberman is W's special little friend, who has been loyal through thick and thicker.