Thursday, March 22, 2007

Blogger's tour at the State Capitol

Spazeboy arranged a tour of the Capitol for the bloggers last night, courtesy of Rep. John Geragosian (D-New Britain), and here's some quick pics I took. We had a good turnout, including Maura, CGG, Genghis Conn, TrueBlueCT, CT Keith, CT Blogger, CT me, CT Joyce, Spazeboy and Spazegirl, Sarah, and Christine Stuart (did I miss anyone?)

I shot a lot of video and will have more details later (much later, I'm exhausted), but for now here's a couple pictures that aren't too blurry...I think I need to give CT Joyce a tutorial on how to use the digital camera; most of her pictures look like impressionistic paintings!

We met in a committee room in the Legislative Office Building.

The House of Representatives chamber, where we were given a detailed overview of the legislative process.

CT Joyce and Christine Stuart (from CT News Junkie) observe the proceedings.

Speaker of the House CT Blogger? I can see it happening!

CT Blogger, TrueBlueCT (in his James Amann hat) and yours truly (in an Orange "Crush" hat that TrueBlue insisted I wear) after the informal meeting with the Representatives.

After the tour, Genghis and Rep. Geragosian kick back for a post-tour happy hour with us bloggers.

I'm planning to edit the video in the next few days; deciding what to leave out is going to be the tough part, since we had a lot of quality discussion during the course of the evening.

Thanks to Rep. Geragosian and the rest of the Reps. who took part, and to Spazeboy for helping to put this together!


Genghis Conn said...

Caption for the Speaker CTBlogger pic: "I will crush you!"

ctblogger said...


Picky Eater said...

I can't wait to see what comes out of the Mike "Sparky" Lawlor part of your video -- as you said, that guy is "one brave SOB"...he's also funny as hell, and has definitely shot to the top of my "favorite Connecticut politician" list. :-)

Anonymous said...

That photo of the three top blogger pretty-boys (CTBob, TrueBlueCT, and CTBlogger) is a beaut! It is replacing Professor Chaos on my desktop. Just have to figure out whether to Stretch or Tile you dudes.