Monday, March 05, 2007

The Complete Ned Lamont Interview

Here's the entire in-depth interview with Ned from last Friday. Spazeboy and I ask questions about the campaign, about the current administration, and about the future. The interview runs about 33 minutes, and concludes with a unique "free association" session.


Beau said...

Great job Bob. I hope everyone who feels so inclined uses the tipjar in the righthand sidebar.

Anonymous said...

Great job guys, thank you! I really miss seeing more of Ned, and look forward to more in the future, but this clip is a great soother.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! My only quibble -- some teenagers did give up parts of their summers to travel and volunteer in the Connecticut race. My 17 year old brother drove from NY to Ct every day for a month during the primary. But he volunteered for Lamont. The Lieberman "volunteers" seemed to be bought and paid for.

CT Bob said...

That's a reasonable quibble; I was talking about the Lieberman kidz, who clearly didn't know squat about Joe or his policies.

The "honest" youth who came in to help Lamont's campaign were there because they cared about the issues and recognized that their future would be better served by having Ned in the Senate.

And they didn't get paychecks like Joe's kidz.