Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Blogger's tour video

I've edited and uploaded a few videos from the informal blogger's meeting in the State Capitol, featuring Reps. Mike Lawlor, Jim Shapiro and John Geragosian. There's more video coming soon!

Rep. Mike Lawlor (D-East Haven) discusses blogging, tasers, and the Krayeske case in a fast-paced 10-minute video. Rep. Diana Urban is also featured.

Rep. Jim Shapiro (D-Stamford) speaks on the impact of blogging on the political landscape. Jim is considering a run for Congress in the 4th CD, where the Democrats hope to pick up a seat.

Uploaded by CTBob

Rep. John Geragosian (D-New Britain) wraps up the blogger's tour with a few remarks. We're all grateful that John helped arrange this tour and talk; we learned a lot, and look forward to continuing the dialogue with our state legislators.

We're SO grateful, we even went back and fixed his mis-spelled name!

OH, SHIT! I spelled it wrong AGAIN!!! I re-edited the video, re-rendered it, re-uploaded it, waited for it to go online, linked to it, and realized that I made ANOTHER FRICKIN' MISTAKE!!! I put an "O" in his name that should be an "A"!

Well, I give up. The mistake only shows on the video for three seconds. Don't worry, everyone knows who you are, John Geragosian! Even if we don't always spell it properly.

You can call me "Connecticut Boob" if you want. I've earned it.

Uploaded by CTBob


ctblogger said...

Nice job. I'm working on my video clips right now (I think I need a new camera...I'm getting some strange distortions in my footage and I cleaned and I even cleaned the video heads)

CT Bob said...

Thanks. Are you using brand new tapes each time? I never reuse a tape, I've heard that can cause that problem.

ctblogger said...

AHHHH....that might be the problem.

Anonymous said...

CT Bob you need to blog about this

CT Bob said...


Great, now they ruined hip hop for me.