Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Guilty Guilty Not Guilty Guilty Guilty

Four outta five ain't too bad, eh?

The wheels of justice don't always turn quickly, and sometimes they don't turn at all; but today Dick Cheney's number one co-conspirator I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby was found guilty of obstruction, false statement, and perjury charges.

Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald stated after the verdict, "It's sad that we had a situation where a high-level official, a person who worked in the office of vice president, obstructed justice and lied under oath, and we wish that had not happened but it did."

Fire Dog Lake has been closely following the developing situation. Jane, Marcy, Christy, and the entire FDL community has maintained a high level of journalistic quality and delivered the facts with humor and consistancy. I'm sure there's gonna be a huge party at the DC headquarters of Fire Dog Lake called "Plame House" tonight!

Well done, and congratulations!


Anonymous said...

I feel bad for Libby...Like he is only person to lie to the FBI before...I think this trial was a waist of time and money, although this trial is so confusing I might be missing something… agree/disagree?

CT Bob said...

Of course Libby isn't the only person to lie to the FBI, or to commit perjury, or to obstruct justice...

...but he was caught, and needed to be brought to justice.

Libby knew he was breaking the law, but he wanted to protect his masters. So he took the fall.

It's all happened before. The parallels between Watergate and "Plamegate" are obvious and numerous. Nobody is above the law.

And now the MSM is talking about a presidential pardon for Libby. I'd be amazed to see it happen before he goes to jail though...BushCo would realize it would turn public opinion even further against them. Libby will appeal, and that'll drag this out for another 6-12 months. He won't have to go to jail until just before Bush leaves office, when it'll be safe for him to issue the pardon.