Friday, March 02, 2007

Another "short trip" solution

An Army spokesman suggested that if patients at beleaguered Walter Reed Hospital want to discuss their problems with members of the media, they'll need to take a "short trip" to Starbucks to do so.

Why is it that so many compassionless blowhards think a change in geography is a magical solution to people's problems? From Joe Lieberman's "short ride" for victims of sexual assualt to get proper treatment, to the Walter Reed ailing patient's "short trips", it seems that it's just easier to shuffle these "problem people" around rather than address their concerns with real solutions and compassion.

I guess people who administer Walter Reed are hoping those "troublemakers" get lost in the shuffle.

It's sickening.

From The Raw Story:
The US Army is denying yesterday's claims that some patients at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center's Medical Hold Unit were told not to speak to the media.

Army spokesman Paul Boyce tells Think Progress that patients are free to speak to the media; however, they must receive permission to speak with the press while on hospital grounds.

When questioned further, Boyce told TP that if patients wished to speak to reporters without permission, "They can go to Starbucks."

Think Progress writes, "Asked whether this was a reasonable solution for patients recuperating from physical and mental trauma, Boyce said yes. 'It's just a short trip, and many of them want to get out [of the hospital] anyway.'"
Sure, if my leg had been amputated because of an IED in Iraq and there were rats gnawing on the stump every night, I'd love nothing more than to hop on over to the local Starbucks for a grande mochaccino and a press conference.

Yeah, that really sounds like fun!

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fuzzyturtle said...

I think it's a good idea. The general public has their heads up their asses when it comes to what would have been casualties 10 years ago... they need to see it, the cost of war.

I don't know how you could be PRO war when you see a man with half his face blown off by an IED. Go wave your flag and act all GO BUSH then...!!

Paul Boyce is a soulless idiot, but I wouldn't wish that fate on him.