Thursday, March 08, 2007

Colin smacks the Speaker

I'm a huge fan of Colin McEnroe's blog on the Hartford Courant website, called "To Wit". Colin blends equal measures of plain facts and deadly snark to brew up a firey concoction.

Here's Colin's observations about Jim Amann's "fundraising" efforts, titled Josh Groban sings the "I Will Crush You" aria from Il Schizophreno:
"...House Speaker Jim Amann has proved himself a swineish hack, using his powerful post to leverage money for the Connectiut chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, which would be a lovely gesture were Amann not a $60K per annum paid fund-rasier for the society.

The latest outrage is this Josh Groban concert, although in 2005 it was Michael Bolton. What is this, the Medellin cartel of easy listening? Amann tries to wrap himself in the mantle of charity. Fine. Let him raise money for somebody who is not paying him. That's charity. This is more like being a bought-and-paid-for pol who actually dragged the MS Society into territory typically occupied by greasy construction companies and highway contractors..."
I don't know what's scarier; the blatent obviousness of Amann's "charity" shakedown, or the remote chance of me ever accidently doing something to get on Colin's bad side?

I can do something about the latter; the former is up to the Speaker.


Anonymous said...

Bob all I can say is you and I have known this for a long time in Milford. Or at the very least we have connected Dots. ..... ml

ctblogger said...

ConnecticutBOB for State Rep 2008. can not run away from your destiny.

CT Bob said...

What is this, a scene from Star Wars? You sound like Darth Vader! LOL

Unknown said...

Not to fan the flames, but...

Do you know how quickly you would raise the threshold amount to get public funding?

CT Bob said...

Yes, I do.

It doesn't matter, however. I'm not interested in running for purely selfish reasons.

I simply don't want the hassle.

Let other, much better equipped people step forward and challenge Amann. I'd much rather continue to watch from the sidelines and make my goofy videos.