Monday, March 26, 2007

My Left Nutmeg's outstanding coverage today

Today Maura and CGG intended to live-blog from the Capitol, but both had to cancel last-minute. That didn't stop them from bringing the event to us via the Internet.

Maura from My Left Nutmeg was joined by CT Blogger, Caffeinated Geek Girl from CT Local Politics and a slew of others to do some virtual live-blogging of the Judiciary Committee Hearings on the issue of same-sex marriage rights (Marriage Equality).

While watching the live televised proceedings, Maura and the MLN community has provided a great play-by-play transcript of the action with commentary. CT Blogger has put up video of some of the testimony.

It's becoming clear to me that we're being treated to a new kind of immediate journalism that's being perfected while we watch.

CT/N streaming video coverage is available HERE. And go to My Left Nutmeg to follow the blogging.

It's still going on RIGHT NOW! (7:15PM)

UPDATE: 9:11PM still going strong!

Great work, Maura and MLN!

UPPER-DATE: coming up on 11:00PM and the march of speakers continues...I can't help but feel that this is an historic moment in CT politics. New MLN poster "Gems" is live-blogging from the hearing room and doing an awesome job!

UPP-EST DATE: It's finally over, at 11:43PM tonight! Carmen "The Firecracker" Saez jumped in for a final comment just before they closed the hearing, which was a perfect way to end this marathon session. Thanks to Maura, Gems, Mike Lawlor, and everyone at MLN who made this a really amazing experience!

Shit, I gotta go to work in six hours! G'night!


ctblogger said...

I'm STILL processing the video...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out, last night was really fun. And how cool is it that Mike Lawlor was reading MLN and commenting on it during the hearing?

CT Bob said...

It was really cool! Mike's one of the good guys, and he understands us.

CT Blogger, great work on the videos. I know how annoying Youtube has been to work with lately, especially when trying to put up videos that need to be available immediately. Daily Motion has been working pretty good for me lately; let's hope it continues.