Friday, March 23, 2007

A famous Lamont supporter's movie opens

My close personal friend and committed activist Danny Glover happens to also work as a Hollywood actor. His new movie, Shooter, opens today nationally. The movie also stars Mark Walhberg.

This is me talking to my good friend Mr. Glover. He flew in from filming "Shooter" last July to campaign for Ned Lamont, and he took the red-eye from Vancouver and flew back later that day.

That's the very definition of being committed to helping progressive candidates!

Here's Mr. Glover generously giving me a few minutes to ask my stuttering, star-struck questions. Every so often I look at the camera while listening to his statements. There's two reasons for this; one, I'm looking at the LCD display to see that we're in the field of view, and second, I'm thinking "Wow, I'm interviewing freakin' MURTAUGH!"

("Lethal Weapon" is one of my top five favorite action movies!)

In the interest of full disclosure, I think Mr. Glover might not agree that I'm a close personal friend of his (or even be aware of me), but that's OK. He's a very nice man anyway, who always speaks for the good guy's side and is a welcome voice for important social causes.

And besides, maybe he was watching CNN yesterday when the "1984" story came on, and suddenly leapt out of his chair and pointed at the TV, yelling, "Hey, I KNOW that guy!"

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Scarce said...

Mark Wahlberg is also somewhat political, giving John Kerry $2000 in 2004.