Saturday, March 03, 2007

The impending death of Ann Coulter

And by "death", I mean the inevitable, overwhelming chorus of condemnation that has already started and will soon completely neutralize her once and for all as a public figure.

I just want to make it perfectly clear that I'm not advocating, or even mildly hoping for her to actually "die" in the literal sense of the word (as in, "holding your breath forever").

I'd much rather see her live and suffer.

(cartoon by Drew Sheneman)

In the wake of the John Edwards' blogger "debacle", we seem to be entering a new age of accountability. Especially in this highly-charged partisan atmosphere that people like George Bush and Joe Lieberman have helped create. Payback is a bitch, gentlemen.

John Edwards, Howard Dean, Mitt Romney (who introduced Coulter at the event she made her statement), John McCain, and even fellow Conservative uber-skank pundit Michele Malkin have all condemned Coulter's ill-conceived remarks.

I don't know about you, but I'm REALLY going to enjoy watching that coke-whorish, pre-op tranny-looking, screechy (and you'll never guess who labeled Coulter with THAT moniker!), hate-filled, racist gal go down in flames of ignominy.

For Ann Coulter, that will surely be a fate worse than death.

Details on the reprecussions are at The Raw Story.


fuzzyturtle said...

You can wish real death on her.. she does it all the time and she has no problem with it.

I'd agree with the 'death' thing but can you truly die if you have no soul? and she already looks like one of the undead.

A Morton Downey Jr fate to her.. alone, decrepit and with a self inflicted symbol of hatred on her forhead.. backwards.

sptmck said...

On This Week with George S., George Will chimed in saying that the less said about her the better. So let's hope this Edwards comment was the death knell of the troll; it may not be, though.

Sue123 said...

I had a recommended diary over at Kos awhile back - Peter Urban of the CT Post had written a letter to Ann's mother (New Canaan) asking her to tell her daughter to lay off the 9/11 widows, and published it as an editorial.

How embarrassing.

fuzzyturtle said...

much hate for the Coultergeist.