Friday, March 16, 2007

If this is what it'll take...

...then I'll be willing to do it!

Our current Congress is faced with a huge dilemma. The majority of our legislature wants to end our involvement in the war, but are afraid to do so. They can vote to stop funding the war in Iraq, thereby forcing the President to withdraw the troops.

But the Bush administration is harping on the spurious claim that cutting funding will somehow strand our brave troops in a hostile nation during a civil war. As if cutting the money for the war will force the President to have to simply abandon our troops because there's no way to get them home.

Apparently we won't be able to scrape up enough dough to pay their way home or something.

We all know this is utter bullshit, but for some reason, many politicians are scared to death of appearing to not be supporting the troops. Even though their approval of additional funding will ultimately ensure the deaths and injuries of perhaps thousands more American soldiers.

Which, to me, isn't supporting them at all.

So, the Conservative chickenhawks are capitalizing on this conundrum.

Well, I've figured out a solution.

I did some research on what it would cost to get a single, one-way, coach-class seat on a plane home for a soldier. Here's what I found:

The nearest commercial airport I could locate is in Kuwait City. I'll use that as a starting point; I'm sure Baghdad International will have commercial flights soon, judging by how much confidence the President has in the current surge.

A one-way flight from Kuwait City to New York is $856, which I located on'd be surprised how many of the big airline search engines don't include Kuwait!

So here's what I'm willing to do...if Congress decides to cut funding for the war which will result in the necessity of pulling our troops out of Iraq, and if the President doesn't provide transportation for them to get home, I solemnly pledge to personally buy a seat for One (1) U.S. Soldier to fly home!

Just think, if we can get enough people to pledge to pitch in if necessary, we can end the war and bring all our troops home safely, even without George Bush's help! How great would THAT be?

That would be the BEST $856 I've ever spent!

And we'll also relieve our (mostly gutless) elected representatives of the crushing burden of worry about whether or not they're properly supporting the troops.

Because...we'll have it covered!


Anonymous said...


I'm in.

CT Bob said...

OK, that's 2 soldiers we've gotten home so far.

Anonymous said...

I will sponsor one soldier's way home. If we can use air miles, I have enough for two more.

CT Bob said...

I'm sure they'd let you use your miles for getting our troops home.

We're up to FIVE soldiers now!

Connecticut Man1 said...

I wish it were that easy Bob, but there are problems with putting soldiers on regular flights.

The big one is what to do with their weapons and other sensitive equipment? They can't take them with them on a civilian flight so easily.

It might be more realistic if you want to charter flights. Even then, chartered flights by the military have security issues that go above and beyond normal flights' requirements.

CT Bob said...

True CM1, but I think you may have missed my astoundingly clever use of irony and over-simplification to make my point. That's OK; I myself am often confused by my exceptional wit and use of literary devices!

I don't really think we're going to put our soldiers on commerical flights, as if the only thing keeping them in Iraq is the lack of a boarding pass.

Why, that would just be silly! (Heh-heh)

Connecticut Man1 said...

lol... ok... My snarkometer must be off a little.

CT Bob said...

Totally understandable, especially considering the hectic nature of your last couple weeks.

So...can I put you down for a ticket? LOL!

SecretAgentDude said...

Ok.. count me in too!

CT Bob said...

Awesome, ET! Keep 'em coming. That's 6 tickets so far.