Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The "1984/Vote Different" video debate continues

This time, Tim Tagaris discusses the original Youtube candidate, Ned Lamont, and all the video work that was done by both the campaign, and interested amateurs (such as me). In this article in techPresident, Joshua Levy discusses some of the history of online political videos and where it's going today.

They also mention my earlier "1984/Lieberman" video in this passage:
Tagaris even finds an earlier, lower-quality version of the Hillary/1984 video that’s gotten everyone excited, except that this one stars Joe Lieberman. It was created last summer during the Lieberman/Lamont race by Bob Adams, who blogs at Connecticut Bob.

CT Bob's recent post shows the two videos back-to-back, and while the Hillary version is of a much higher-quality — Adams simply superimposes Lieberman’s face over Big Brother, and the audio is the same as the original — the guiding idea is almost identical.

Even though the two videos are a little too similar to be random, Adams is graceful about the similarities. “Now, maybe they didn’t get the idea from my video, but I’m just sayin’…,” he wrote.
And once again, my original video is viewable here -

My version uses the original Super Bowl ad broadcast in 1984, not the updated version released in 2004 showing the female wearing an iPod and earbuds that the "Obama" video used.


Anonymous said...

Some may say that theft is a form of compliment but you really do deserve credit for the original theft.

But hey isn't that a gorgeous woman.

Peter Carlson said...

CT Bob,

Liked your video. Indifferent to Obama/Clinton.

I thought you might be covering the Caswell Cove dredging.

As most Milford residents know Caswell Cove is loaded with PCB's, heavy metals and carcinogens.

What's happening is Caswell Cove is dredging there marina and bringing the sludge up river to Shelton and dumping it.

Doesn't James Amann live in the Caswell Cove complex? I wonder how they received a permit to dredge with all that gunk in there?

I'd be interested to hear your opinion.

CT Bob said...

Frankly, I don't know much about the way the dredging got approved, but yes the sludge is apparently loaded with all sorts of nastiness.

I remember maybe about 12 years ago when they dredged Milford harbor, they needed to find someone else who was dredging nearby to use their cleaner silt to "cap" the noxious Milford sludge in order to dump it in mid-Sound. I think it was from the Guilford area.

Since then, Milford's harbor has been sufficiently cleaned up so they can dump the dredging scheduled for this season right onto Gulf Beach. At least, that's what the DEP agrees is acceptable.

I don't know if it would necessarily be worse to dump the CC sludge upriver, where presumably it would eventually be capped by silt or something, or to dump the toxic stuff in the Sound, where it could cause more problems. I just don't know.

As far as Amann's involvement in the dredging, yes he lives there, but I don't know if he owns a boat or has any interest in the marina being dredged. I know that it needs to be done, and that the city receives taxes from the property that would otherwise be lost if the marina became unusable.

But I don't know the solution to where to put the stuff. I'll check the Sphere blog (linked at right) which covers a lot of Sound-related issues. Maybe they have something on that.

CT Bob said...

Oops, I mean "Sphere" is linked from my sailing blog, Team Full Tilt

Peter Carlson said...


Thanks for the link. Yes the marina needs to be dredged. But it must be done properly. Remember Caswell Cove has great drinking water too. Tetrahydracarcinogens- or something close to that was found not to long ago. The material needs to be removed, cleaned and then the area needs to be capped. I recognize your snow pictures. We're practically neighbors. I'm right behind West Shore Middle.


CT Bob said...

Yeah, we're totally neighbors. Regarding the dredging, I'll have to watch for news about it. Keep me posted via email if you hear anything about the potential consequences of the stuff being dumped upriver.