Monday, March 12, 2007

Sharpton scolds Obama

Reverand Al Sharpton served Barack Obama with a hefty dose of JOE LIEBERMAN today, when he responded to a published report that he is trying to hurt Obama's campaign because he's jealous.

From the WCBS-TV website (with video):
With the race for the Democratic presidential nomination already in high gear, the Reverend Al Sharpton jumped into the fray today with some tough criticism for Senator Barack Obama. The outspoken reverend offered the harsh comments to Obama just as he looked to build support for his candidacy in the black community.

"Why shouldn't the black community ask questions? Are we now being told, 'You all just shut up?'" Sharpton told CBS 2's Marcia Kramer Monday. "Senator Obama and I agree that the war is wrong, but then I want to know why he went to Connecticut and helped [Sen. Joseph] Lieberman, the biggest supporter of the war."
This may become a recurrent theme in the campaign for Democratic candidates who supported Joe Lieberman or were late in becoming vocal in their opposition to the war.

Having a Lieberman-campaign endorsement in your past may be the political equivalent of sipping tea with a bit of Polonium-210 in it; it will definitely make you ill, and might leave you with no future.


Anonymous said...

I watched the report to be honest I had forgotten Obama coming to CT. After seeing the report I quickly remembered. What I found most interesting about these reports put together on this was. Lieberman was Obama's mentor as a freshman senator.

He proved in this clip he was a wonderful foot soldier. Exactly what I will never vote for. Talking like a great politician "even though I don't agree with Joe on every issue" blah blah blah. Then he precedes to talk about other issues NOT mentioning Iraq. His platform of being ANTI -war candidate is a shame that tapes proves it. He quickly became the the DC insider he claims not to be. Over at MyDD I guess Obama was asked to stop in CT while on his book tour in support of the true anti- war candidate. Seems he passed us by on his way to Boston out of NYC. Was Ned message not that important hmmmmm.

Please guys take your time and look closely at each candidate. From the start of Obama's claim he was anti-war from the start. He was still in political life. I wondered what proof there is he actually was proactive with his views. I have always been anti-war. Protested before the war start while being called unpatriotic and continue to. ml

Anonymous said...

So does that mean the writers and supporters of CT Bob should not support Obama? I mean how can they a support a man who campaigned for Lieberman and was his mentor.

If this is the case the Clintons are out of the questions for the CT Bobbers. So who will you vote for?

CT Bob said...

"CT Bobbers"?!? LOL!

Just so you know, what I try to do here is to present as many facts about a candidate that I can. Which means not giving a "free pass" to anyone regardless of whether I think they'll be a good candidate or not.

Obama DID support Lieberman, and then he neglected to support Lamont after he won the primary. Which says to me that Obama's anti-war stance might be only so much convenience and not as much conviction.

I don't think Hillary is a perfect choice, either. As a matter of fact, there IS no "perfect" choice out there. What we need to do is narrow it down and decide who would be the BEST candidate, and then back that person 100%.

So far, I'm open to all possibilities; it's way too early for me to choose any one candidate.

Anonymous said...

Good answer Bob

CT Bobbers = The devoted fans of CT Bob and his blog

Anonymous said...

Isn't the CT Bobber the official state bird?

MikeCT said...

I prefer to be called a BOBblehead.