Friday, March 30, 2007

More video from the Capitol tour & talk

Here's a photo of nearly the entire group of bloggers who attended the tour last week, taken from the Speaker's lecturn in the House chamber. BTW, it's wonderful how the Capitol has wifi installed throughout; this week I got an email from Rep. John Geragosian that ended with "... emailed from the House Chamber." That's SO cool!

The photo (courtesy CT Blogger) shows (L to R) Spazeboy (holding the Speaker's gavel), CT Blogger, Maura, Caffeinated Geek Girl (CGG), TrueBlueCT, Sarah, Me (holding my video camera), CT Keith, and Genghis Conn. Missing was Christine Stuart from CT News Junkie (I think she was the one who took the photo).

Below is one of CT Blogger's videos, showing Rep. Andrew Fleischmann (D-West Hartford) discussing education with us. There will be more video from CT Blogger when he gets to it (which ain't easy when you're working on maintaining blog postings and digging up topics to discuss; sometimes we can't get everything edited and put online immediatly).

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fuzzyturtle said...

now tell the truth.. did you fight over who would get to hold the gavel?