Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Rep. Mike Lawlor is one brave S.O.B.

From Spazeboy.net:

Last Friday, New Britain State Rep. Tim O’Brien reported on his blog that Rep. Mike Lawlor was voluntarily TASERed:

A representative of a company that manufactures tasers was testifying about these devices, when Rep. Micheal Lawlor, House Chair of the Committee, asked if the gentleman would use a taser on Lawlor, himself, to demonstrate their safety. The gentleman agreed.

It certainly did not look or sound like a pleasant experience, but Lawlor went through with it. I do not think I have ever heard of this happening at the Capitol.

Mike Lawlor has a reputation has a very intelligent and fair legislator. This kind of thing earns him a lot of respect. Whatever position he takes on how legal these devices should be, he will not be advocating for it without putting himself on the business end of one of them.

The video just surfaced, and I’ve put the above clip together for easy sharing and viewing on YouTube and DailyMotion. For those of you who want to see everything as it was, check out this post at CT Local Politics where you can download the two 59-second long source clips as well as the codec to play them.

It happened on Friday, March 16, around 4:50 PM in the Judiciary Committee public hearing while they were testifying about two bills dealing with tasers (HB 7211 & HB 7212)

Uploaded by connct

CT Bob here: I just want to give Rep. Lawlor credit for demonstrating how much fun it isn't to be tazed. But I'd also like to let him know that the next time he pulls a stunt like that and DOESN'T contact us videobloggers in advance so we can tape the event, we'll be extremely miffed.

But damn!, Mike is one brave S.O.B.! Just look at what a tazer can do to a half-ton bull with a bad attitude:


Anonymous said...

I spoke to Rep. Tim O'Brien on Saturday 3/17, at the Hartford Anti-War Rally (and kudos to him for attending amongst the crowd, along with George Jepson and others who did not grandstand but mingled). I ade him swear up and down that Lawlor was okay.

Next time Mike Lawlor volunteers for this kind of thing, I have a list of other Legislators I would nominate as a substitute.

spazeboy said...

Good point Tessa.

ctkeith said...

SEN. DELUCA would be first on the list,lol,provided we could be assured he could speak for an hr after.

DeLuca is the gift that keeps giving.