Tuesday, December 09, 2008

More and more crossover

It's nice to see the MSM make more of an effort to use the blogs as a source of punditry, and not simply rely on the same tired old wags for their opinions. David Shuster on MSNBC reads part of Jane Hamsher's post from yesterday.


Anonymous said...

the last part of the hamsher piece sounds like what people were saying about obama

CT Bob said...

"People", for the most part, weren't saying that about Obama...it's what the "wingnuts" and conservative pundits were saying. Obsessively.

Most people (and a clear majority of voters) realize that having experience as a US Senator, a state senator, and even a community organizer counts for a lot. Caroline Kennedy shares very little with Barack Obama in terms of actual political leadership experience.

Don Pesci said...

On the positive side, she's not from Chicago.