Sunday, December 28, 2008

Online Guide to Obama's Cabinet

Here's a nifty little resource from the Charlotte Observer (via FDL) for info on each of President-elect Obama's cabinet choices. The nominees still need to be approved by the Senate, but there's little doubt they'll have any trouble with that.

When you click on the graphic below, you'll see an interactive list of the cabinet departments as shown below. Click on each department to get a brief overview of the nominee and the department's functions. It's very helpful if you're as forgetful as me.


Anonymous said...

In the past 2 weeks ct has received contracts to build more murder machines i.e subs and helicopters. Why don't you post about the death that will result from this? How can the left stay quiet while our ct delegation pushes for more machines of death? Could not our ct dem super majority force eb and utc out of business to save the lives these 2 companies will destroy?

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Anonymous said:
>>In the past 2 weeks ct has received contracts to build more

Thank goodness, after all we need the jobs.

Never mind that the mere presence of a cop has the tendency to have a calming effect on a mob; our massive military has kept several countries from tossing a nuke at Israel.

You'd rather the nuke?

(Why is it that gutless wonders always post Anonymously?)

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>each of President-elect Obama's cabinet choices.

It's actually not a bad list considering what I was expecting.

>>approved by the Senate, but there's little doubt they'll have any trouble with that.

Expect Holder to be a problem.

CT Bob said...

Yeah ACR, actually I do expect Holder to be a problem. I'm not a big fan, and it wouldn't break my heart to see him withdraw his name if it starts to be too big of an issue. I'm not too happy with his record with Clinton either.

anonymous - you are so full of shit it's coming out your ears! Try living in a place where there are NO weapons at all to protect the people, and see how long it takes for someone to invade it. You know this, you silly fool.

Anonymous said...

If the us disarmed and withdrew its armies from the world, then we would need no protection. the money saved could house and feed all the poor.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>If the us disarmed and withdrew its armies from the world, then we would need no protection

How far up your ass is your head anyway?

What the hell did we do to get whacked on 9/11/01 ????

Face it; there's a factory someplace that turns out Hitlers, Stalins, and the occasional Idi Amin.

Horrible people will continue to appear and need to be dealt with.

Iraq is seeking mercenaries right now to invade Israel via Gaza.

Maybe using machetes on children is alright with you, beats me; but it's not okay with most of us.
Maybe the idea of female circumcision sounds swell to you too.
How about women in Burka's - that okay pal?

Check your meds buddy - there's something very wrong with you.

Bob - you should have this bozo's IP traced so we can have the Disoriented Express pick him up for a visit.

CT Bob said...

ACR - anonymous is obviously just being childish. Nobody can possibly be that stupid unless it was intentional. He'll get bored and go away eventually; but for now, he's good for a chuckle or two.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>Nobody can possibly be that stupid

I dunno....I've visited a few really left blogs.....besides, ever hear of CT Keith?

CT Bob said...

Hey hey now, lay off of my pal CT Keith! Part of his charm is how wonderfully effective he is at pissing you guys off! LOL!

And keep in mind he's not necessarily a partisan; he absolutely lives to be a permanent thorn in the asses of Joe Lieberman and Jimmy Amann! Remember, we have him to thank for launching Amann on that amazing rant which made "I will crush 'em!" part of the political lexicon here in Connecticut.

Anonymous said...

I am not stupid nor chidish. I am merely pointing out that if the us is disarmed then there would be no need for the world to fear or even care about us. At the least if we withdrew all military to within our borders then presto! The single reason we are hated is gone. But building more offensive weapons that are not needed only causes the rest of the world to question our motives.

CT Bob said...

And presto! Canada invades us and kicks our ass! LOL!

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>The single reason we are hated is gone.


You're moving?

>>I am not stupid nor chidish.

Nor does the term "spell check" mean a thing to you.

Bob Symmes said...

As a matter of historical fact (and I'm known for my slavish adherence to history):

In the nearly 60 years that the US has has nuclear submarines, some 60 persons have died - ALL US Navy personnel. In the same time (according to Jane's), some 3,200 Chinese, and some 800 Soviets have died; and of these, about 25% were civilians.

Worker's paradise, indeed! People who adhere to absolute truth tend to end up being absolute fools.

Somewhere between the light band the shadows, falls the reality.

Bob Symmes said...

Socialism isn't the answer to ALL problems; nor should socialism be rejected in all cases. But it should never be accepted as an "end-all" solution.

Anonymous has the luxury of not knowing the dangers of fascism in the 1930's (which threatened - and attacked - his precious); nor has he heeded history's lesson that while it takes two or more parties to make peace, it takes but one enemy to make war. Deterrence makes peace all the more possible; ask Czechoslavakia how much disarmament helped them against the Nazis...or how much help the disarmed Aliies were. Ask Austria. Ask Poland. Ask the Soviet Union (oops..never mind).

We are strong, by our choice: so that we will avoid needless war. This blog site is testament to our anger against needlessly making war; yet once attacked, to war we will go.

As I already pointed out, our little "People's-Anonymous" friend is little more than the Falstaff in our little spot: good only for comic relief. Keep up the good fight, my friend: as long as you continue to pee against the tide, you can claim that you caused the tide to go out.