Thursday, December 11, 2008

Too Late for CT Chrysler Dealer

After this post here two days ago, Mr. Kirby drove past the dealer from whom we have bought our American vehicles for the past 25 years. The place was empty. Goodbye Hamden Chrysler (formerly Hamden Chrysler-Plymouth). Ed Glater, VP when I first met him and later president, who subsequently retired was a real mensch -- took care of customers who then never looked elsewhere. We are very sad to see that the dealership has closed...and to the Senators who think the loan passed by the House for the auto industry is too much money without enough oversight -- we spend more money in a month and a half in Iraq.


Anonymous said...

Next time you will be forced to buy a Toyota or Honda made right here in America, Geogia, that is.
Rest assured that some of the money you pay for that car will go right into Senator Shelby's camaign coffers. J.C. Sr.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>forced to buy a Toyota or Honda

That will never happen at my house.

A decent Eurocar, sure - but those that buy Japanese nameplates are no better than Benedict Arnold and I think should be treated accordingly.

Anonymous said...

I hear you. It's good to see there are people with long memories left in this country. J.C. Sr.