Wednesday, December 31, 2008


As I post this, I am listening to the last radio program by Colin McEnroe on WTIC. Thank you, CBS radio, for letting Colin have a last show, which is so unusual in the radio biz.

I know I speak for the Connecticut Blogosphere when I ask, "WTF were you thinking, WTIC?!?" Giving Vicevich MORE time and firing Colin? That was the only reason *I* listened to the station -- no need to now. Colin McEnroe provided a station with powerful wattage with intelligent, thoughtful discussions of interesting topics of the day -- every day. The fact that this is unique in talk radio is as much an indictment of the genre as it is the station for canceling his show.

With all of the challenges facing the state, the nation, and yes, the world in the coming year, we need more opportunities for learning and talking out these important issues -- not less. At least you can still read his commentary at his blog here

We love you, Colin, and we'll tune in to whatever station is smart enough to hire you! There may be no crying in radio, but there is crying in the blogosphere on this snowy afternoon.

Kirby and CT Bob

Let's hope this is just the beginning...


CT Bob said...

Absolutely, Kirby!

I usually don't listen to talk radio (except for the somewhat infantile humor of Opie & Anthony, to my eternal shame as a progressive Democrat) but I've heard enough of Colin's show, along with reading his writings, to know that Connecticut's airwaves are losing a valued voice of reason.

Colin, I sincerely hope you continue with some sort of online broadcast presence, perhaps a podcast, until some other smarter radio station snaps you up.

And yes, it's very rare to see a station allow a beloved on-air personality the chance to say good-bye. Kudos to WTIC, but only in that regard.

Kirby said...

And, thank you, Dr. Jerry Rosenfeld for this

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

It's all a matter of time-sales.

Ray sells.
Vicevich sells.
Colin wasn't selling.

Actually I frequently found Colin entertaining too.

We can also assume that Colin was costing more than Vicevich and that Ray Goldsich (Dunaway) has an iron clad contract.

Kirby said...

Dear Authentic,
I think you are absolutely right. Vicevich has bounced around enough he probably works for cat food -- and the station puts newscasters already on the payroll on the air for 3 hours for afternoon drive for no extra money.

This is one of the reasons I much prefer satellite radio, although I liked XM a whole lot more before the merger with Sirius.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>This is one of the reasons I much prefer satellite radio,

Actually, I picked up an aircard so I could pull WTIC in on my laptop when I'm out of range for the car radio (most of the time, most days, until around 4 or 5) mostly because I wanted to listen till noon.

Anonymous said...

I remember riding in to work with my Dad at the old Underwood Typwriter factory in Hartford listening to Bob Steele in the morning on 'TIC trying to teach us a new word to spell. I guess I was a lousy student because I noticed I misspelled neighbor twice in the last few comments in the past few days. I also liked to fall asleep listening to a Red Sox game except for the times I threw the damned radio across the room after some dumbass reliever started blowing the game.I would like to go on and on but let me conclude by 'TIC, F--kum I'm outa here. J.C. Sr.