Friday, December 19, 2008

Nice job, Sears!

Here's a great post about a fabulous job Sears is doing in supporting reservists called up who happen to work for the company. If you have any shopping left to do and you dig out tomorrow, stop by and give Sears some spending love.


Connecticut Man1 said...

HMMM? Kind of reminds me of the bush message to support the troops by shopping... But I digress.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>Here's a great post about a fabulous job Sears is doing


And we should ALL thank those retailers and other businesses, that despite other adversities they face, step up to plate as Sears has.

Anonymous said...
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CT Bob said...

A post has been deleted; this blog will not tolerate personal attacks on people who comment here. Plus, you're being a dick.

Bob Symmes said...

This is made all the more commendable by that fact that Sears is in even deeper financial trouble than the other retailers.

Kudos to Sears (plus....they make KILLER tools!)

While I deplore this misuse of our armed forces, I still remain awed by the patriotism and courage of those misused troops.

PS - Who was being a dick? Anyone we know?

Bob Symmes said...

CTMan -

I don't recall Bush saying that to support our troops...I'm pretty sure he said that in the aftermath of 9/11.

CT Bob said...

Bob - nobody we know.