Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dan Malloy speaks at Milford DTC

The other night we had a slew of candidates appear at our monthly meeting of the Democratic Town Committee, and I'll start the videos with former Stamford mayor Dan Malloy.

And, speaking as a video blogger, I appreciate Dan's efforts to make my job easier by showing a little awareness about where he should stand and talk. You'll see in a later video how Merrick Alpert made me have to pull the camera off the tripod and hand-hold it to follow him pacing while talking, resulting in a good minute or two of slightly motion sickness-inducing camera work!



Larkspur said...

Malloy has been running for governor for the last 6-8 years. During that time what kind of fund raising network has he established that can get him the funds to take on guys like Republican Paul Foley? Whoever the Democratic nominee is, Foley, who most likely will end up the Repub nominee, will flood the election with millions of dollars. Can Dan Malloy or Mary Glassman stay afloat against that tsunami of cash?

I know that we don't like to talk money, but if Connecticut Democrats are serious about retaking the governor's mansion, I think we need to seriously consider the ability of our nominee to financially compete against the Republican nominee. I'm not saying that the nominee has to match dollar-for-dollar what the Republican raises, but he/she has to be able to raise enough cash to get their message out and fight the GOP machine which has done an excellent job of framing Democrats as tax raisers and liberal spenders.

Anyone know where we can find out how much money our state candidates have raised? only seems to concentrate on federal races.

CT Bob said...

Of course all the candidates file fundraising reports each quarter, but I don't know where to view them. I'll see if I can find out; probably the state election commission.