Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lamont's announcement speech

“My name is Ned Lamont, and I’m running for governor of the great state of Connecticut”

In the midst of yet another New England snowstorm, Ned Lamont announced his candidacy for governor at the Old State House on Tuesday. Lamont spoke with enthusiasm and energy, and clearly he focused on solutions to the economic problems facing Connecticut.

Here’s the entire video of his speech, in which he stressed that the key to Connecticut’s future is growing jobs and creating an economic climate that expands business. Watch for Ned’s humorous nod to Sarah Palin’s use of a “cheat sheet”!

(video from CT-N (Connecticut Network) via CT Blogger)


Anonymous said...

It was nice to see Ned, Annie, Lindsey, Teddie, and Marc. Ned will be our next governor. I live in Hamden, our Democratic town committee supported Lieberman, Hopefully they will go with Ned this time around.

Ct Pest Control said...

Lieber who?

West Haven Bob said...

Joe the Bummer

CT Bob said...

"Joe the Bummer"

Okay, I must have read that about 15 times before I finally got it. LOL!