Friday, February 26, 2010

Himes, Murphy predicted winners in November

(Chart from "Sabato's Crystal Ball"; click on image to enlarge)

We know it's early yet, but the predictions below indicate Connecticut Democrats will retain possession of all five seats in the House of Representatives after the November election.

Two Congressmen in contested races, Jim Himes (CT-4) and Chris Murphy (CT-5) are both occupying fairly safe seats, according to the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics Director Larry J. Sabato in the Crystal Ball. Sabato has both candidates in "Likely Democratic" positions.

Likewise, The Hill's Campaign Blog shows both candidates in the same "Likely D" races.

Both websites use similar ratings systems that range from Likely Democratic, Slightly Democratic, Toss-Up, Slightly Republican, to Likely Republican.

So far no credible candidates haven't materialized in John Larson's 1st CD, Rob Courtney's 2nd CD, and Rosa DeLauro's 3rd CD, so all three seats are considered "safe".

It's good to see both Jim Himes and Chris Murphy are able to withstand the worst efforts of the Tea Partiers to disrupt events and intimidate citizens who come to hear their Congressmen speak. The voters of Connecticut aren't easily swayed by the screaming histrionics of a few disgruntled loud mouths who, while they may make the evening news, don't contribute anything useful to the dialog and will eventually be largely forgotten, except maybe as an amusing historical footnote.

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