Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Health Clinic Update

Today, Feb 3, Ed Schultz will be at our free clinic all day in Hartford! You can listen to his radio show via live stream here from 12noon - 3p (I usually listen to the Chicago affiliate -- they provide a great stream). He will also being doing updates all day for MSNBC, and will do his 6pm The Ed Show live from Hartford. The TV show will be archived on his show site.


SoSorry said...

I'm so so sorry...

But I must be the only non-ditto-head who can't get excited about Free Clinic Days.

In a tremendously wealthy state like CT (Don't believe the CBIA bullsh*t -- the money is here -- hidden in Rowland/Rell tax breaks and loopholes), in a hugely rich country like the U.S. (Who else could afford, what, 4 or 6 or 8 wars at once?), the very idea that we need free clinics to get health care to desperate citizens is an embarrassment, a joke, a crime, a sin.

The clinics are not the answer.

Medicare for All is the answer, and every non-brain-dead non-liar in America knows it.

So take the energy that's behind these third-world health clinic extravaganzas and use it to vote OUT every Connecticut Congressman and Senator who doesn't support Medicare for All 110%.

Problem f*ck*n solved.

CT Bob said...

While I agree that Medicare for all is a viable solution provided it can be made economical, you sound like a dummy when you use a phrase like "these third-world health clinic extravaganzas" to describe the free clinics.

The clinics accomplish several things. They bring health screenings and treatment options to people that simply can't afford proper care, and they bring attention to the massive and ever-growing problem of inadequate health-care coverage here.

While the free clinics aren't the solution to our health care woes, they can't be described as frivolous. Lives were saved in that clinic yesterday. Even you have to admit that.

EvenSorrier said...

Good point... People ARE helped. And that does matter. (I KNEW I'd be sorry!)

(FYI - It's not ME who sounds like a dummy -- it's the wiseacre underneath me with one hand up my back and the other hand holding that water glass -- which ACTUALLY is full of premium vodka...)

I don't think the clinics bring attention to our dysfunctional health care system in any meaningful way. Hasn't helped so far (after years of free clinics...) And they can give opponents of health care reform more ammo, as in: "Universal health care? We already have it! Anyone can go to an emergency room. And there are free health clinics... We CAN'T change the whole health care system for a few ungrateful grumblers...."

Anyway, I hope all the docs who participated are also pushing their AMA to stop opposing Medicare for All....


CT Bob said...

Yeah, I did see an interview with the doctor running the clinic, and he was in favor of revamping the dysfunctional health care system we have.

And I spoke to my doctor recently, and he agreed that we need to provide health care for everyone. Of course, he was also somewhat in favor of tort reform, but that would probably be because he pays for malpractice insurance!