Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tea Party convention video

Good for a laugh, these silly people.

But we absolutely need to take them seriously. They actually believe this nonsense, and they clearly demonstrate exactly why corporate organizers like FoxNews, talk radio, and FreedomWorks are successful at stirring up anti-administration feelings.

No wonder they love Sarah Palin. The corporate blueprint for this "movement" is to first agitate their target audience with half-truths and baldfaced lies, then give them someone in an attractive package who speaks directly to their fears.

As a strategy, it works amazingly well.

At least with them.

Video by the brave souls at NewLeftMedia. This is how you make an entertaining and effective video. They're so talented it annoys me!


Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>The corporate blueprint for this "movement" is to first agitate their target audience with half-truths and baldfaced lies..

Hey, it worked for you guys!

CT Bob said...

So? Is that any reason for you guys to steal our diabolically awesome idea?

Sheesh, not even a "thank you"!

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>Sheesh, not even a "thank you"!

We sincerely apologize for the oversight; Thank you!

oldswede said...

I haven't seen any comments anywhere about how the teleprompter attacks on Obama are pure Rove: Attack the greatest strength. Obama is a skilled orator so that must be devalued, even if the attacks are totally bogus. Does anybody really believe little Sarah is coming up with this stuff herself?

Naats said...

We sincerely apologize for the oversight, thanks for your post.Naats

West Haven Bob said...

ACR, at least we never suggested that the US annexed Great Britain...

Apparently, our corporate "half-lies" are more credible than yours. Or is it that you are new at this "Half-Lying" game, hmmm?

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>... at least we never suggested that the US annexed Great Britain...

I didn't watch the video, does someone say that?

No big deal - it just sounds like someone from one of Jay Len's "Jay Walking" segments.

No political persuasion has any sort of franchise or exclusive on idiots.

When Christ Himself said "The poor will always be will you..." it apparently was understood that the idiots would be as well.

He failed to mention those dolts hogging the left lane however, and I'm confident others join me in wishing He would have.

CT Bob said...

Gawddamn ACR, but Sly and the Family Stone were frickin' amazing! Who doesn't LOVE funk? I gotta put that on my mp3 player.

lakezoarian said...

That's a pretty bizarre video, Bob. I watched it twice. The first time it made me laugh. The second time though, it made me sad. Such a waste of potential. I don't have to tell you, that the vast majority of American citizens are almost completely disconnected from the political process that determines the quality of their lives. At least these people got out of their homes for something, and it's too bad they are so misdirected. So much wasted energy.

And about that funk...

Bridgeport style!

Connecticut Man1 said...

Putting the tea party convention and the entire teabagrrrr movement in perspective.

"Nevertheless, the media treats this ephemeral blur as if it were a political tsunami. They apparently aren’t reading their own polls. The Tea Baggers Ball last weekend brought about 600 registered attendees to the Opryland Hotel. The National Wild Turkey Conference next week is expecting 40,000 at the same venue."

And the real turkeys win by a landslide...

Anonymous said...

So this is what the echo chamber sounds like. Funny.

Keep telling yourselves that the Tea Party is nothing to worry about. Why should all the Dimocrats loosing (VA, MA, NJ) or declining to run (much longer list) mean anything. Its probably just a coincidence.

Ha Ha

CT Bob said...

We're not saying the Tea Parties are nothing to worry about.

We're saying they're largely comprised of extremist loons who would like nothing better than to make our nation a fascist theocracy.

West Haven Bob said...

ACR - Actually, it was NEWT GINGRICH. But I'm gratified to hear you infer that he's a fool....

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>...a fascist theocracy

We can only hope.

Better that than secular Marxist totalitarian.

CT Bob said...

Oh, yeah? Well nyah nyah na nyah nyah to you, sir!

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>was NEWT GINGRICH. But I'm gratified to hear you infer that he's a fool..

Great public speaker; good political thinker; sell tickets as he has great box office for big events.

Unfortunately he suffers from a case of almost Kennedyesque level "happy pants" whereby he seems to have constant trouble behaving himself; leaving a lot of us unimpressed.

JTHM said...

And yet, not one of you Liberals who claim these so-called rightwing extremists are a such threat can claim a mass murder amoung their ranks.
But whoa, and Obama-leftist freak job ( that would make her a normal Democrat these days) Kills 3 people and actually murdered her own 18yr old brother in the 80's and yet....ah shucks...she was just misunderstood. A real sweety at heart.
Keep banging them drums boys, keep on.

CT Bob said...

That was pretty weak even by your standards, JTHM. God knows, not a single Tea Bagger has ever broken even a minor law. We're so lucky to have them.

West Haven Bob said...

Two words, JHTM:


(Oh, I forgot...Right-wing loonies don't commit murder; they're provoked by the injustices they see.)

oldswede said...

Tim McVeigh

JTHM said...

C'mon Bob, my standards? LOL!

But seriously, Homeland Security Dept. is afraid of RWE and your side is constantly beating the drum that the right is trying to overthrow the greatest administration in the history of the world because.....wait.... becuase they're racist fanatics hell bent on murder and mayhem. I merely pointed out imperical evidence showing that even moderate Democrats are a real threat.
whats the Liberal answer to Separation of Church and State? Waco Texas.

oldswede said...

Hey dude,
Turn on the TV. An anti-tax wacko like the teabaggers flew a plane into the IRS building in Austin Texas today. That's a violent attack on the federal government.
Rightwing crazies are really scary.
And from what planet are you getting the idea that the Alabama biology professor was motivated by politics?

JTHM said...

Oops, you spoke ( ie: out yer ass again) Old tweedy. The oldest most dispicable trick in the book used most often by the likes of libtards bastards like yourself..omission of facts.
"At the Washington Post, a writer actually edited out the Communism endorsement -- without even an ellipsis to indicate his omission -- in order to blame the Tea Partiers."
Well, Mr. Big Brother IRS man, let’s try something different; take my pound of flesh and sleep well.
The communist creed: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

The capitalist creed: From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed.

Joe Stack (1956-2010)


Why is the MSM leaving out the marxist ideals from the story? Why are you a goddamn parrot Swede?

Becuase your intellectualy impotent, that's why.

You guys are such punks, real fucking punks.

Man I can't wait for Nov. to clean house and watch you cry like the like inept bitch you are.

CT Bob said...



Try to keep it civil. I welcome differing opinions here, but you don't have to be a dick about it.

JTHM said...

You said "dick".... but ok I see your point... biotch. :)

CT Bob said...

LOL. I was hoping the irony wouldn't be lost on you!

oldswede said...

Thank you for that rant, JTHM. Your immaturity and general stupidity is now clearly shown.
I have no more time for your brainless repetition of the rightwing echo machine memes.

JTHM said...

Oh poor old swedeey... no come back? too bad, it was just getting fun toying with another useless drone. Oh well....yawn.