Thursday, February 04, 2010

Ed Schultz discusses clinic

Nicole Lamoureux (National director of Association of Free Clinics) and Registered Nurse Patricia Carroll talk about yesterday's free health care clinic.

And Ed Schultz talks about the free clinics and has some harsh words for our junior senator (around the 7:00 mark)

(h/t CT Blogger and Scarce)


tessa said...

I volunteered to register patients. Probably 60 or so were met by each of the volunteers you see sitting down in that long shot. There were two rows of us.

Each person has a story, which we were lucky enough to hear before they met with the nurses and doctors.

As I walked around the 14,000 sq feet of the Clinic during a break, I got to see some of "my" patients, getting help and treatment. Looking less tense, looking like the safety net had finally caught them in freefall.

Thank you Pat Carroll, and all of the other medical volunteers. All I am trained for is writing names on forms and holding a hand.

Dan, Lauren,Abby and Connor said...

I did see Richard Blumenthal, Ned Lamont, Steve Fontana and Chris Donovan. No joe lieberman.

CT Bob said...

What a shame. It would have been awesome to see Ed Schultz call Lieberman a "coward" to his face!