Sunday, February 28, 2010

Special election Tuesday!

(Diary from My Left Nutmeg by Tessa)

Fantastic volunteer turnout - keep 'em coming.

I just spent a few hours at the Stratford Headquarters of the Janice Andersen campaign for State Rep in Stratford's 120th District.

(CTBob: This is an important election, and a Democratic victory will do much to show that we can still win in Connecticut!)

Ned Lamont came to make calls, along with Marc Bradley. State Senator Ed Gomes was on the phones, as well, and Milford State Rep Dick Roy was going door-to-door for Janice. The elite of SEIU and CCAG were there, and people from House Dems. Great spirit, for a Great Candidate.

Janice Andersen

This election is important for a number of reasons, but I wanted to "share" what I just learned from voters.

While people know there is an election on Tuesday, many unaffiliated voters think they can't vote, having confused "Special Election" with "Primary". It is amazing how easily people relinquish their opportunity to vote. It makes it so much easier to blame the elected officials.

In addition, I spoke to someone who admitted she doesn't know what a State Rep does. She is a long-time voter in her 60s.

This, combined with the Fox-Speak we got at the doors of Democrats and Unaffiliated voters a few weeks ago, continues to give me fear in the bones.

As my friend the teacher says "We can Do This, People", but not without a full effort.

From noon on through early evening tomorrow (Sunday) and most of Monday there will be continued door-knocking, lit drops, phone calls to make, data entry, and more.

All Day Tuesday (I am taking the day off work) there will be phone calls and driving people to the polls, as well as standing at the polls and other volunteer needs.

Janice Andersen for State Representative
919 Stratford Avenue
Suite 5/6 Ground Floor
Stratford, CT 06615
(203) 202-7734


DonJ of onlyinbridgeport said...

Hey Bob do you know if this district covers the district that ed gomes from Bridgeport runs in stratford? I know it is a small piece of Stratford but that is the most democrtic part. let me know if it does

Anonymous said...

The problem with Janice Andersen isn't that she's a democrat in the state of Connecticut. The problem with Janice is that she is a democrat in the town of Stratford. As you are more than aware Bob, the former mayor did a lot of damage to that town's reputation and was recently booted by a huge margin.

The backlash against the former mayor could have a serious impact on Ms. Andersen's election chances.

As a democrat I'm pulling for Ms. Andersen. I hope she wins. Realistically, it may be hard for any democrat to win in that town for a few years to come.

CT Bob said...

Wow, last night was a tough one. I feel really bad for Janice and the entire crew she collected; they worked their hearts out to win.

On the plus side, I got to drink a Guinness afterward for the first time in a month, so that was a small consolation!

Anonymous said...

If the former mayor of Stratford was a better leader, Janice would have had a legitimate shot. However, his and his family's politics are ingrained in the dem town committee. Because of that she had no shot to win.

I do feel bad for her. It was pretty amazing that other dems from around the state threw in their support. This wasn't a microcosm of what will occur in November in the state.