Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Surprise! The judicial works for terrorists

Yesterday a terror suspect who had been arrested and subject to our criminal justice system pleaded guilty and is expected to draw a life-long jail term.

Najibullah Zazi planned to lead a suicide attack in New York City before he was investigated for purchasing unreasonable amounts of chemicals he intended to make bombs with. He had received training at a terrorist camp in Warziristan.

Hopefully this will shut up some of those hysterical dummies on the Right who claim that allowing terrorists to be tried in American courts will bring about the end of Western Civilization, or something along those lines...I tend to tune out when they screech like banshees at the prospect of due process!

From the Associated Press:
A former airport shuttle driver accused of buying beauty supplies to make bombs for an attack on New York City subways pleaded guilty Monday, admitting he agreed to conduct an al-Qaida-led "martyrdom operation" because of U.S. involvement in his native Afghanistan.
In case any of you think that he got some kind of sweet deal in exchange for his plea, the story goes on to say that he faces a life sentence without possibility of parole. For a guy who hadn't even killed anyone, that's a pretty solid stretch he'll serve!
The Associated Press learned earlier this month that the jailed Zazi had recently volunteered information about the bomb plot in the first step toward a plea deal.
Just think, we got valuable intel from this guy, and he didn't even need to be waterboarded 187 times to provide it! Who knows what sort of resolve he might have dredged up if he was tortured endlessly? Or the quality of any information he would have provided under those circumstances?

Zazi's uncle has also been arrested and has been arraigned on a felony count in secret, which is a clue that he may also be cooperating with authorities. I can only assume he's also not being subjected to torture.

Face it guys, the system does work. Let's get on with the trials.


Anonymous said...

Nice post.

I don't know that anyone will shut-up. There appear to be fair number of folk out there who, when it comes down to it, don't really believe in juries and rights and trials and justice - for ANYone. See, they already KNOW who all the bad guys are, and they'd rather go out and shoot (or lynch, or burn) them right quick and right now.

And, irony and all, they consider themselves the Only Patriotic Americans.

itcutsbothways said...

I'm surprised that you who cry about rule of law don't bring up the fact that he was a victim of racial profiling because the police after stopping him for a minor traffic violation, then spied on him. Case should have ben thrown out for that. Why aren't you outraged over the fact that his "confession" was fueled by the government threatening his mother? How can any information obtained by threatening the immigration status of his mother be trusted? After all it would be informaqtion obtained under duress. A case can be made he is going to jail because he saved his mother even at the cost of his freedom.

CT Bob said...

SOP for the police to stop someone after a traffic violation and continue surveillance if he acts suspiciously. The same thing would happen to anyone in those circumstances, including you or me. So far as I know, "acting suspiciously" isn't a Constitutionally-protected civil right,

Boohoo for the guy's mom. It's a big step down from waterboarding the hell out of a guy. Hurting someone's feelings isn't torture, dude.

itcutsbothways said...

"Acting suspiciously"? Why because some white cops pulled him over for being brown? I'd be nervous being muslim in NYC. They put Zazi under duress by threatening his mother. Give me a break if my mother was threatened, I'd tell them what ever they wanted to hear, true or not true. It seems to me the Obama regime is carrying out the same war against those of color that every regime of the empire has done since it's inception. If they need a pr move what easier target than a cab driver.

CT Bob said...

"...if my mother was threatened, I'd tell them what ever they wanted to hear..."

I guess you can forget about a career in international terrorism, then.

itcutsbothways said...

He is not a terrorist, only a scapegoat.

lakezoarian said...

Bu...Bu...But if we have real trials there won't be enough money left to fund the Coast Guard!!!

At least that's what droopy is using as the latest excuse to attempt to keep the 9/11 mystery a secret. Politico has the story:

"The oceans no longer protect us..". ~GWB

Nopartisan said...

Unreal, the unhinged 9/11 truthers will grasp anything and twist it to continue their nonsense. I always thought an indication of societal decay was garbage and dog crap on sidewalks. I stand corrected it's the garbage and crap spewed by truthers birthers and their puppet masters on the internet.

CT Bob said...

Be fair. Truthers and Birthers are two entirely different categories.

Truthers are non-political people who think there's a conspiracy behind 9/11. Birthers are ultra-conservative creations who are completely invested in causing as much damage to the Obama administration as possible. They couldn't care less about where Obama was born; their only concern is their agenda of making him "fail".

I might not agree with the Truthers, but I'd never compare them to Birthers.

Nopartisan said...

In my opinion they both pollute the political discourse in this country and as such are the same.
The main reason I group them together is that they both undermine our country's political system.

Birthers and truthers share two traits. For political reasons or through pure stupidity, no matter how many facts you present them with they deny them. But the second trait is the dangerous one. Through half truths, or outright lies they have to a degree (in my opinion) made questioning the legitimacy of our government an acceptable idea.

Truthers say the government willingly killed 3,000 people on 9/11 as part of a plot to enslave us. Birthers say we have a foreign national as President, who is part of a plot to enslave us. That is why to me anyway there is no difference. They are deluded, unable to think for themselves and with the internet can spread their message of pure stupidity to other lemmings who have never had an original thought or constructive idea.

Nopartisan said...

I should add that the creators of the truther, birther movements have made a bundle on selling their lunacies to the members of their respective brain dead cults. Perhaps in the end that is really the driving force behind the two cults.

CT Bob said...

Okay, that's a reasonable argument. But I was saying that I don't group them together simply because the Birthers are much more evil and political in nature. Their agenda is nothing less than bringing down our government; the truthers want to expose past crimes of the government. They're different in intent and certainly by degree.

Nopartisan said...

Fair enough.