Friday, August 06, 2010

Breaking News: Lamont From Mars!

 In a stunning development today, the latest broadcast press release from the gubernatorial campaign stated evidence had been uncovered that Ned Lamont was placed in Connecticut by aliens from Mars who want to begin their takeover of the earth by infiltrating the governor's seat in Connecticut.

A press secretary noted, "But it was in the Weekly World News! I have it right here -- July of 2006". Actually, I don't have it right here because we're taking pictures of it for our next television ad."

When asked for more information, the press secretary continued, "This confirms what we have been saying all along. You can't let a Martian be governor. He's no different from that other alien life-form, Tom Foley. The crop-circles gave it away."

In summary he said, "But we think Fedele's cool -- he drives a Ferrari."

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