Monday, August 09, 2010

Why I'm Voting Lamont

by Kirby

We're in the home stretch now, and I thought I would take a few moments to write down why I am voting for Ned Lamont in the primary and why I want to see a Governor Lamont inaugurated.
  • Lamont doesn't need the job. An apolitical friend of mine asked why Lamont was running. She couldn't imagine that anyone who didn't eat, drink and breathe politics would subject himself to the abuse flying in this contest. That got me thinking. She suggested that he must really feel like he can make a difference to spend all this money and put up with all the attacks on his personal integrity. I think she's on to it. No one has accused Lamont of being ego-driven. 

  • Lamont isn't counting on being reelected in 4 years. He has said that he may only have 4 years to serve, given the tough choices that need to be made. While I am sure he would like at least 8 years to have the opportunity to fully implement his vision for a Connecticut of the 21st century, he won't be making decisions based on how they will affect his reelection chances. He'll be focused on what he believes will be best for Connecticut.

  • Lamont wouldn't owe his election to favors from the high and mighty in Connecticut. He has spoken about appointing strong executives  with experience in key areas to implement best practices from across the nation. I believe he will bring new people into government rather than the typical political cronies and patronage appointments. 

  • I trust Lamont to make decisions that will be in the best interest of Connecticut. We can't know what new challenges the next governor will face. We have lived through the most horrible terrorist attack on our nation, the worst economic crisis since the great depression and a scandal-ridden governor forced to resign and sent to jail. Tornadoes, paralyzing snowstorms, you name it, and a Connecticut governor could find it on his plate. I simply trust Lamont. 

  • Finally, after volunteering with two campaigns and knowing people who have worked with him on a daily basis, the bottom line is that Lamont is simply one of the good guys. I like that he has a crystal clear knowledge of "the line" over which he is not willing to cross. I like the fact that he not only doesn't have to declare that he hasn't been found guilty of illegalities but that you can't find anything credible that even suggests he has acted unethically. I also like it when he squirms a bit when he has to go on the attack in debates because he's not comfortable with that type of politicking. He would much rather talk about a positive vision of Connecticut's future and that's fine with me. I understand you've gotta do what you've gotta do to win an election, but there is something reassuring to me in seeing he doesn't relish going after opponents. 
Will we ever get back to a quaint style of politics when each person's best ideas are put out there and challenged and the voters decide on whose should be endorsed by their votes? Probably not in my lifetime. But it's encouraging to see a candidate who would prefer it that way, because that's how he'll govern.

And, while we're at it, I'm also voting for
Mary Glassman for Lt. Governor (instead of distancing herself from the Malloy smear machine, Nancy Wyman happily jumped on board)
Gerry Garcia for Secretary of State (because Denise Merrill is relieved to be out of the legislature rather than working to fix things)
Kevin Lembo for Comptroller (Jarjura, you can't be serious - the man who created a job for the convicted felon ex-governor)

Join me in voting on August 10!

by CT Bob

I was thinking about writing a post exactly like this, only to find that Kirby already did it. So rather than have a separate post for my reasons, I simply piggybacked onto the end of her article. Kirby has done her usual great job conveying her reasoning for her choices, and I find it almost completely unnecessary to add anything to it.

Of course, this is ME I'm talking about, so I'll have a cent or two to add. I'm voting along her lines, with the exception of Secretary of State, whom I haven't decided upon yet. There are numerous reasons I can think of for supporting both candidates, as well as some negatives they each seem to carry.

I recently allowed Gerry Garcia to use a bit of my footage of Denise Merrill at our DTC meeting, because I produced a very nice video for Denise some months back, and I never found the time to do Gerry the same favor. So when his campaign borrowed my video, I allowed it with the understanding that this is strictly a one-time deal. I feel I've now been equally fair to both campaigns.

But I'm still not 100% decided on who I'll vote for. I'll probably sleep on it and then decide.

And I'm voting for Kevin Lembo, not chiefly because Mike Jarjura is a conservative dyed-in-the-wool Liebercrat who spoke at a Tea Party Rally, but because Kevin is THAT good of a public servant, and I will rest very comfortably knowing the Comptroller's office is in great hands.

Ned and Mary, of course. Goes without saying. I'll be proud to have Gov. Lamont and Lt. Gov. Glassman in charge come January.

Whoever you wish to vote for tomorrow, just be sure to VOTE!


Nopartisan said...

The Governor is irrelevant and doomed to fail if he has to deal with this, the most incompetent legislature ever freely elected.

I believe that Lamont does understand that private business is the key to job creation, but this legislature will fight him on anything that even hints at helping the private sector create jobs.

Kirby said...

I'm not saying you're wrong, nopartisan, but I'm not willing to throw the towel in yet. I'll work on what I can, and we'll see how it goes.