Friday, August 06, 2010

Thank You, Maura!

I have to tip my hat to Maura, commenting over at MLN on the governor's race. She has crystallized this race for me. (CT Bob here: I absolutely concur!)

Here's a taste:
Dan Malloy could have run a great, positive campaign touting his considerable accomplishments, and I think he would have won handily.  He had a FAR better campaign organization in place by the time Ned decided to run, had done far more organizing for it, and he should have run away with this thing.  Instead, his campaign has engaged in an extraordinarily disappointing series of fraudulent attacks, rehashed Lieberman lies, and petty childish crap like his recent contest on Facebook.  It has diminished him, the good people working for him, and the whole party, and it was SO unnecessary.
Thank you, Maura for saying what so many of us feel.  Do yourself a favor and read the whole post


Anonymous said...

Taking into account the people who are supporting Dan here in Bristol, this is not surprising. Dan's chief cheerleaders here are the people who specialize in dirty, mud-slinging negative local campaigns.

Maura said...

Why, thank you, Kirby! I'm glad my words were useful to you.