Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ned Lamont's post-primary speech

Despite last night's disappointing loss, Ned Lamont showed real class by endorsing Dan Malloy for governor during his concession speech. Right out of the box Ned spoke on the importance of electing a Democrat in November.

"We don't look back, we look forward!"

As for me, I'm going to miss seeing the many dedicated staffers and volunteers who worked so hard to help Ned. They are some of the finest people in politics I've ever met. It's been a real pleasure associating with them.

Kirby will continue blogging here, of course. She's got a few topics she's anxious to take up soon. Me too; but first I'm going to take a few days on my boat with my wife. No computers, no video cameras, no politics. I need to recharge my batteries, and there's no better place to do it than on the boat. Sun, wind, and water are the necessary ingredients for a swift recovery!

Thanks everyone, for tagging along on this incredible journey. It's really been something!


Jay Allbritton said...

Sorry to hear the news, Bob. I was pulling for Ned, even though I live in Florida, I wish we had a guy like him down here.

CT Bob said...

Thanks Jay, I appreciate that.

Kirby said...

Hey there, Jay. There aren't many Neds around, which is our loss. As we were leaving the restaurant Tuesday night, Bob had his video equipment and there was a big step -- who was holding the door? Ned! Not to shake more hands, not to look good -- just because we were carrying things and it was the nice thing to do.

He's just a good guy.

libhom said...

Lamont lost because the DC Democrats have been governing way too much like Republicans. Liberals and other Democratic core constituencies stayed at home, costing Lamont the primary.

This is the same reason Scott Brown won in MA. If the Democrats want to avoid a rout in November, they need to start acting like Democrats.