Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Good Man Lost an Election

I just stood in the ballroom and listened to a very good man give an amazing concession speech. I know I couldn't have been as magnanimous in defeat as  Ned Lamont was tonight. I respect him more now than I did before, and for those of you who read this blog, you know the high esteem in which I hold him. It is funereal here, but the men behind the scenes of this campaign, particularly Gabe, Joe Abbey and Brian Coy can hold their heads high knowing they worked for a good man.

Could the campaign have thrown sharper elbows? Probably. But, as sad as I am right now, I am proud to have supported a good man. There aren't that many left willing to run. Thank you, Ned.

P.S. And Rose, if you need some buddies to play with, give me a call. I've got 3 that would love to meet you.

Update: I just had a chance to talk to Ned briefly, and he is upbeat and positive about the process. He said he really believed in the state and that the most important thing he said tonight was his hope that people here in the hall will get involved in the political process. I think that's pretty amazing.  

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