Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Hello, CT "Reporters" -- Care to Commit Journalism?

Update at end.
I cannot offer enough kudos to MattW over at My Left Nutmeg for his amazing research poring over the very tiny print, voluminous PDFs of the weekly campaign expenditures to write this post about the apparent free legal services being provided to the Malloy campaign by Robinson and Cole. If you have not read his post, stop reading and go look at it now. (But then come back)

This is what journalism looks like. Any MSM reporters in Connecticut willing to follow up on this? Or is it just too easy to be stenographers and write from press releases instead?

I'll make it even easier. Malloy and Fedele are taking public financing; Lamont and Foley are not.
Robinson and Cole areas of practice (the firm representing Malloy on the CEP case)
Rob Russo, specializing in election law (represents Fedele)
McKenna, Long and Aldridge, specializing in election law (represents Foley)
Sandler, Reiff and Young, specializing in election law (represents Lamont)
Which of these is not like the rest?

And, um, here's more from Robinson and Cole about their government experience:
In the world of politics and government, experience is everything. Robinson & Cole, ranked as one of Connecticut’s most successful lobbying firms by the State, has a team of lobbyists with decades of experience in all branches of state and local government.
Update: Kudos to Ted Mann of the New London Day for committing journalism! Thank you, Ted!

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