Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's official

My official vote from this morning. Turnout was very light both at West Shore where I voted, and at Harborside where my dad voted. At 8:55AM when the machine took my vote, my wife and I were votes #74 and #75. Not too good considering the polls had been open for nearly three hours.

Regarding my vote, I was undecided on SoS until literally the last minute. I wish I could have voted for both candidates. Whoever wins, I hope they push for same-day registration and early voting, like some other states have successfully implemented. The low turnout today is indicative of a real problem here.

Democracy works best when everyone participates! Let's make it easier for them to do so, please.


Question - Guess what Rick Green did wrong here?

(Answer - He voted Republican!)


Jon Kantrowitz said...

He also ignored the instructions to fill in the circle completely - typical Republican behavior - they think the rules don't apply to them.

donj said...

wow great to see you voted for garcia last minute switch greattt i will also vote a ballot like that at 5pm in Bridgeport