Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pivot to the Senate Race

Here is where we are in this state, according to Margaret Carlson of Bloomberg (Link fixed):
Has Connecticut turned into Louisiana with foliage? With McMahon’s primary victory, the GOP is moving from the year of the outsider to the year of outside the bounds of normal behavior.
But friends, she sees hope:
When extreme candidates with Tea Party ties won nominations in Nevada (Sharron Angle) and Kentucky (Rand Paul), Republicans saw two once-probable pickups in the Senate become probable losses. If there is an ounce of reason left in the electorate, Connecticut will be the third.
The rest of this must-read analysis is here


oldswede said...

I'm eager to read the rest of the article, but this link is not working. Returns only gibberish, in both Foxfire and IE.
Please help.

Rich said...

Better link:

CT Bob said...

Thanks Rich.

Kirby, I fixed it for ya!