Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kevin Lembo in Milford this morning

I took my 80 year old dad to vote this morning, and right after we finished we ran into this guy at the polling place:

Kevin brought Dunkin' Munchkins to the poll standers, who consisted of Rep. Dick Roy (D-117th) and super-volunteer Tessa Marquis (below):

I'm going to have to make my own pair of "Nerd Glasses" to wear tonight at Lamont HQ.

Remember we'll be live-blogging around 7PM!


Anonymous said...

Is that Harborside School?

CT Bill said...

Dude ran a clean campaign AND he will win. Nice!!

CT Bob said...

Yes, that's Harborside, about 9:20 this morning.

Kevin ran a GREAT campaign! I only wish Dan Malloy was even HALF as classy as that guy!