Friday, December 26, 2008


Here's my draft list of New Year's resolutions that I'm going to do my absolute best to keep. This is a work in progress:

1. I resolve to give Barack Obama at least 100 days before I start bitching about what he's doing wrong. I think I'll find this easier to do than many of my more progressive friends, because I've never really believed that Obama is an authentic progressive; I see him as more of a moderate Democrat. Which is just what we need right now.

2. I resolve to be "greener" in the coming year. That means keeping the heat turned down this winter (fleece is really warm indoors), avoid unnecessary driving, shut off lights in rooms that I'm not in, take more care to recycle stuff, and cut down on the amount of paper I generate.

That last one is gonna be tough, because I'm awful at conserving paper. My printer seems to run constantly. This coming year, I'm going to try to file things electronically on my computer rather than print out hard copies. And I'm going to keep a pile of paper that I only printed on one side to reuse, rather than simply toss it in the trash.

3. I resolve to be more involved locally (this one will make Tessa happy; she's always bugging me to get more involved!) There's plenty of ways I can devote some time to helping out in my town besides being a sometimes participant on our local Democratic Town Committee. I'm sure I'll find something I can do that will be both fun and fulfilling to do.

4. Lastly, I resolve to lose 30 pounds by next Christmas, no matter what.

(Boy, is it gonna hurt when I have to saw my leg off on Christmas Eve!)

OK, that's my draft resolution list so far. I'm sure I'll change it up a bit (especially the leg one), and I'll post my final list on New Year's Eve.

And of course, whether I ask for them or not, I'm sure you wise-asses will add some helpful suggestions to the comments.


Anonymous said...

"I'm sure you wise-asses will add some helpful suggestions to the comments."

I resemble that remark, so here's my suggestion:

5. Complete final form video for new "Bat-B-Gone" infomercial.

And, I'd cut the proposed 30 pound loss back to 10 or 15. More important to keep up your blogging strength.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

After leaving your blog today I wandered over to and came across a step by step guide to organising a community party to carry on the Obama cause. I dropped out half way through because admittedly I'm a seventy nine year old introvert but Tessa and you sound like a couple of prime suspects on pulling something off like that. It's gonna be a long cold winter. J.C. Sr.

Bob Symmes said...

Bob - 1 through 3 sound doable...I think.

Resolution # 4????????? Hmmm... Let's just say that, if I could see you (in a speedo on the sailboat) in your fundraiser spot on this blog (without me poppin' out chunks), then, OK......

Anonymous said...

This year my only resolution is to try to be a better Democrat.

Bob Symmes said...

Maybe Joe could resolve to try to be a Democrat....Period.

The speedo scenario is more likely than THAT!

CT Bob said...

Good suggestions, minus the "speedo" one, of course...I wear trunks only (or nothing!)

The 30 pounds is doable, because I've done it before. The real trick is keeping them off! Maybe I'll start blogging while on a treadmill.