Friday, February 06, 2009

The best thing about birthdays

Are the thoughtful gifts!

...all the way from Habana, Cuba:

(Thanks, Janel!)


Anonymous said...

Who got the missing one? You or Janel?

CT Bob said...

I gratefully accepted 2 out of the 3. I would easily have settled for just one. I'll probably hang on to them for a few months so I can enjoy them outdoors in a more moderate environment.

For now, they go into my humidor.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Thank you for smoking!

Anonymous said...

At least you are smoking cigars from a not for profit economy. It's amazing how each day the death gasps of capitalism get louder and louder! Each day a new example of why it's time to go to a classless society of financial equals regardless of what their job is. Soon america will be judged by the rest of the world for it's 200 year rapine of the worlds resources, it's responsibility for 75% of the pollution, it's crimes against humanity such as endless wars fought for it's corporate profits. All americans are guilty because you allowed this. You divide yourselves into basically 2 political viewpoints yet both the conservative and lberal wings have kept the beast known as capitalism alive. Conservatives arewhat they are greedy self centered mutts, but liberals for all their talk still support capitalism and over 2 centuries have involved the us in wars. But now it is over. America get ready for the beat down you so richly deserve from the rest of the world. America is falling fast and soon it will fall upon the scrap heap of history. One ironic fact that the world takes great delight in is watching you fools destroy yourselves. What a beautiful and actuallly entertaining twist to the end of the arrogant empire.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>At least you are smoking cigars from a not for profit economy.

Guess again.

"Cuban-made Cohibas are sold outside the US by Corporacion Habanos, a partnership between the Caribbean nation’s government and Madrid-based Altadis SA.

Altadis has been taken over by Imperial Tobacco Group Plc, the Bristol, England-based maker of John Player Special cigarettes."

CT Bob said...

"Thank you for smoking!"

You're welcome.

But be aware that, just like Bill Clinton, I don't inhale!

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

CT Bob said:
>>just like Bill Clinton, I don't inhale!

I never believed him, either.

BTW, did you ever sex with "that woman"??

Just askin'

CT Bob said...

I just threw up a little breakfast. Thanks a lot!

West Haven Bob said...

Really, now, ACR...

Is there a "for profit" economy ANYWHERE today?

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>Is there a "for profit" economy ANYWHERE today?

The only stuff in Cuba that still works.

Imperial Tobacco of the UK remains involved via their subsidiary, Altadis, in Cuba.