Thursday, February 19, 2009

Photos from Jim Himes's new office

U.S. Rep. Jim Himes, D-4, tonight cut the ribbon for his new district office at 211 State St. in downtown Bridgeport.

His office is on the 2nd floor of the old Court Exchange building, an historic downtown structure.

The place was packed with well-wishers and supporters.

Bpt. Mayor Bill Finch was on hand to help with the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Jim, as usual, spent a lot of time listening to his constituents.

Bridgeport's Mr. and Miss Puerto Rico were on hand to help celebrate the new Congressional office.

The ribbon cutting ceremony. I somehow managed to hold off making an insipid "running with scissors" joke. I'm so proud of myself.

OK, so the possessive form of "Himes" is "Himes's". I was never too sure about how to deal with that, but this sign looks official enough for me.

Jim's actual office is rather spartan at this point. But it has a nice view of State and Broad. And he'll eventually find artwork to add to the several framed Bridgeport scenes in his office.

The office spans the front of the building, and includes these really cool windows.

It was a fun event. Of course, if I wasn't currently on a diet, I would have stayed longer and helped demolish some of the food and beverage they had, including the big tasty cookies which almost got me. But I was a good boy and resisted, and I think there's a decent chance I'll meet my New Year's Resolution by June.

(Great, now I'm starving! I'm gonna go eat one lousy diet cookie and drink some Crystal Light!)

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