Thursday, February 26, 2009

Susan Bysiewicz at the Milford DTC

Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz addressed the Milford Democratic Town Committee meeting tonight.

Pictured above (with 118th District Rep. Barbara Lambert), Susan discussed the many problems facing the state of Connecticut that aren't being effectively addressed by Gov. M. Jodi Rell. Susan's experience as our Secretary of State has proven her ability to work with members of both parties, and her successful background in the private sector has shown she can effectively manage the executive office.

Susan discussed many practical ways to successfully lead the state, and we look forward to her continuing the dialog with the people of Connecticut as she campaigns for governor. Susan's campaign website is


Anonymous said...

Drop the partisan blinders. The democrats have veto proof majorities in both the senate and house. There ain't any profiles of courage in the ct legislature at the moment. They can pass any budget they want. The bottom line? It is cowardly of any democrat to blame rell for anything at this point because they have the votes to make her irrelevent. The blame rell game is quite tiresome and it is time for the jokers in hartford to put up or shut up. They better realize that one facet of president obamas victory is that voters of all ideologies have finally begun to pay real attention to issues and as most of us reside in the vast center right and center left, party labels will be less important and results will be demanded. The national repubs have learned that this past month with their just say no mindset.

Anonymous said...

Jodi Rell has been at the top of our government for more than a decade either as Lt. Governor or Governor. The Governor sets the tone, direction and the pace of her administration. Jodi Rell has been wrong on all three. To hold Governor Rell harmless is to be wearing blinders. Jodi Rell has sat atop the most corrupt administration this state has ever known for. It's time for her to go and Bysiewicz represents our best opportunity to get it done.

Nopartisan said...

No, rell is not the problem. Cowardice on the part of the legislature is the problem. This is 2009, the democrats now and for most of last session have had veto proof majorities. They are afraid of failure and need rell as a scapegoat. The spin on this is incredible, rell can do nothing to stop any budget they want to pass. The economic future of CT is solely in the hands of the democrats in hartford. What are they afraid of? Simple, if they fail, given the mood of the electorate a lot of them will be saying bye bye next election. Say what you want about pelosi, she pushed through a bill that in 2 years will be judged on a pass fail test. While the dems would not lose control of the house in 2010, if the stimulus is seen as a failure in it's main goals, many washington dems will be going home. Point is she had the courage to pass a bill that could prove disasterous to her party. CT dems have no such courage, rather they scapegoat rell who ultimately can't stop them. But unlike pelosi they want cover and someone to blame for their possible failure. They know the majority middle of the electorate is watching.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>It's time for her to go and Bysiewicz represents our best opportunity to get it done.

Oh please.

Her nickname (twice a B****) was given to her by her Democratic counterparts in the CT Assembly when she served there.

Bysiewicz is a shrill argumentative PIA that would accomplish nothing except deadlock, but she'd manage that in record time.
Count on it.

West Haven Bob said...

:...a shrill argumentative PIA..."

I remember when Republicans said the same thing about then-Sen Weicker.

Nonetheless, Connecticut has to decide whether we need a warm & fuzzy grandmother-type, or someone who puts results over others' overblown egos.

I haven't given much thought yet about 2010, but as it stands, I'll take Bysiewicz...but I think Amann has a good shot at the nomination (much as I'd rather NOT).

CT Bob said...

Agree on the hands-on approach of Susan vs. the warm & fuzzy grandma observation.

But the only way Amann will have a chance is if the Liebercrats somehow manage to fully control the convention. I honestly don't see that happening.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>I remember when Republicans said the same thing about then-Sen Weicker.

Thank you; I resemble that remark, was a delegate for Pres. Bush, Jr. in 1982 and am indeed the Bozzuto loyalist (I would still go through a wall for that guy) that called Marla (Lieberman's press sect) in `88 and cajoled her into calling Dick and getting him to come out for Joe just weeks before the election. Of 169 only 8 towns in CT split Bush/Lieberman - all 8 were heavy Bozzuto towns.
Thus Dick Bozzuto helped deliver Weickers well earned defeat in 1988.

If Malloy loses his cool again as he did with Steve Doocy; *and* should Bysiewicz show her true colors on TV just once - Amann will walk away with the nomination.

I still can't believe how dopey it was for Malloy to not be up to speed with Doocy, who is a nice guy (yes, as a matter of fact I have met him. I your own hometown of Milford no-less).
Doocy almost always opens with something from way out of left field and then goes easy when (if) the subject handles it well.
Malloy did NOT handle it well which was due to lack of pre-interview intelligence by himself and/or his staff.
In doing so, he demonstrated that when under the gun he turns into a contrary minded argumentative jerk.
He totally blew it.

CT Bob said...

I can't believe you watched the same interview as me.

Steve Doocy came in with an obvious News Corp-sponsored agenda: to prove the Mayor was wasting money on an allegedly useless pork project; $15M for sodding fields (and I use the word "sodding" as a verb, not the pejorative of which our English friends are so fond!)

When Doocy introduces someone with a list of supposedly frivolous projects, then begin with the phrase "Are they (the cities) serious about those requests?" you can pretty much assume he's on a mission.

You obviously refuse to see this truth with your repeated attempts to paint Steve Doocy as some kind of saint. He's not. He's a Fox News shill. Get over it already please.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

I can't believe you watched the same interview

Funny, I was thinking the same thing when I read your account!