Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Content Nation" book signing Sunday

The author of the new book “Content Nation: Surviving and Thriving as Social Media Changes Our Work, Our Lives and Our Future” will be autographing purchased copies of the book at the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Westport, Connecticut on the afternoon of Sunday, February 15th, beginning at 2PM. The bookstore is located at 1076 Post Road East in Westport.

“Content Nation,” published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., is the first book authored by John Blossom, a prominent media and technology industry analyst. The book examines how electronic publishing tools such as weblogs, Facebook, wikis and Twitter are enabling the millions of people using them to have enormous influence over events in today’s world and how their influence will change the world for centuries to come.

“’Content Nation’ is a book for people from any walk of life who want to understand in a clear and practical way how social media publishing influences events around the world in ways both big and small,” says John Blossom. “The book gives many examples of how people in business, politics and society are using social media to become highly influential publishers and tips on how to succeed as a publisher of social media.”

John has a section devoted to how local blogging has an effect on politics, which he subtitled, "Nobody Special Influences Political Leaders and Elections". I love the "nobody special" part!

In that section he also included a photo and description from my video of Jim Amann's famous "I will crush 'em!" train station interview. Here's a quote from his book:
"In one particular interview on the Connecticut Bob weblog, a politician says to his interviewer on camera, "You have any idiot [that wants] to run against me in this town and I will crush them." This is the raw face of true everyday politicians in true everyday local politics that would be seen rarely if ever via local commercial media outlets that are tied very closely to the interests of their advertisers. Instead we find these views of local politics in a blog published by a computer-network engineer with no particular qualifications as a publisher or a political expert other than his own abilities and enthusiasm."
John also included a screen cap of this blog (below), and discusses various ways that blogs are utilized as an effective tool for progressive change. Anyone who wants to learn about the many different ways the internet is being utilized, and not only for politics, should read this book.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

time: 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM
venue: Barnes & Noble
address: Post Plaza Shopping Center,
1076 Post Road East
Westport, CT 06880

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John Blossom said...

Awesome shots of the book, Bob! That's so neat. Hope to see you Sunday!