Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dan Malloy cuts through the FoxNews Bullsh*t

I'm so happy to see Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy take the bogus arguments of FoxNews hack Steve Doocy and shred them right before his eyes. Malloy not only exposes the pettiness and political games FoxNews revels in playing, but he does so in a very competent and no-nonsense way. Well done, Dan!

(h/t to Mike Brown for the video. See? I finally watched it)

UPDATE: Not only is the Rupert Murdoch-owned News Corp unfair and unbalanced, but their NY Post also prints racist cartoons. I think Rupert is really losing it. Maybe it's time for him to retire back to his sheep ranch in Oz and let the younger crowd have a shot at running the show.

UPPERDATE: In case anyone was wondering, I used an asterisk in the word "bullshit" in the headline because this blog is on a bunch of those lefty networks that post the title of the story in blogs all over the place. So in deference to anyone's delicate sensibilities on those other blogs, I modified "bullshit" to "bullsh*t". But here on this blog, you never have to worry about seeing cuss words being primly edited. We're all adults here, after all. I hope.


Anonymous said...

"But here on this blog, you never have to worry about seeing cuss words being primly edited."

Which is why I've become, and remain, a f***ing loyal reader!

CT Bob said...


But what exactly is a "fSTAR STAR STARing" loyal reader? I can't guess what word you mean.

Hmmm...Farking? Flaking? Fooling? Forking?

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Actually - prior to this performance; I had a fairly high opinion of Malloy.

Not anymore.

Anonymous said...

The Post has apologized for the cartoon -- with conditions, of course.