Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chimps are NOT pets

When will people realize that chimpanzees are animals that will attack and try to kill humans without provocation? Siegfried & Roy learned that about tigers a few years back. What is it that makes people think you dress up a chimp like Lancelot Link and it will automatically assume human values like restraint and courtesy? Stupid.

Read this article in the Stamford Advocate for more info.

And leave the chimps to Jane Goodall. She knows what she's doing.


Unknown said...

Great link. Anthropomorphizing pets is not a healthy thing in general. When I watch "The Dog Whisperer" on TV you can see that the most messed-up pets are those that have been treated like spoiled human babies. It's really about indulging one's own ego. I love my pets, but they are always animals first and foremost.

CT Bob said...

Very true. But even dogs and cats are fairly domesticated, and generally weigh much less than their owners.

Give a 200 lb. chimp a Xanax and a couple glasses of wine, you're probably gonna see limbs being torn off of hapless humans.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Frank Zappa tried to warn us.

CT Bob said...

yeah, "Monkeys Ripped My Flesh" would have made a good follow-up album!